No secret that Cartier is the leading luxury brand in China. Which the Asian luxury market growth presents an open opportunity for luxury brands to expand. Cartier seemingly gets it when it comes to brand recognition and identity focus.

The established luxury brand is one of the world’s oldest luxury jewelers and watchmakers started in Paris in 1847. Cartier is ranked as the No. 1 luxury brand in China but it was not an overnight success. Cartier started targeting the China luxury market actually 10 years ago, which proves that building brand awareness and credibility is essential for sustainability.

The luxury brand does not intend to stop at just the China luxury market they plan to move to other regions, not just mainland China but also Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Singapore. A solution to compensate for troubled regions experiencing economic problems such as the United States and Europe.

Is your luxury brand preparing to target the luxury markets in Asia and the Middle East? Using the World Wide Web can put you that much closer to capturing interest in your luxury brand from these growing luxury markets. Social media engagement and networking is necessary to build a global luxury brand.

Unlike Louis Vuitton who announced that they were going into the hospitality arena by branding Louis Vuitton hotels. Cartier is taking a different route and staying away from branding as a hotel. Even turning down sweet offers to have hotels in the Middle East with the Cartier sign, Cartier brand hotels, and receiving royalties.

CEO Bernard Fornas, Cartier


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