Kim Kardashian West made her official Saturday Night Live debut and she did not disappoint. Breaking news this is the luxury PR haul to follow, reproduce, copy, or steal for all reality television hopefuls or social media breakout stars.

Kim, Kim, Kim you made us laugh, and who knew you had a sense of humor? Maybe “SNL” did and why they invited you to host the show!

Proving you much more than a pretty face or boring smart savvy businesswoman. KKW showed the world that she can be charming and entertaining.

Kim Kardashian Balenciaga SNL MC Mosnar Communications

“It’s time to stop asking does Kim Kardashian West has a talent!”

Kim Kardashian West x Saturday Night Live

Here is the Luxury PR Haul breakdown:


Pick a signature color for a debut and stick to it. Kim actually wore three HOT PINK looks for her special appearance on SNL. This same example can be done in press kits, media images, videos, etc.

Keeping Up With Staying Relevant

It was a complete family affair, Kim made sure to keep up with staying relevant and she included her family in the storylines. Staying relevant can be recreated by following top news and storylines. Attach your brand to whatever is relevant.

Promote The Body

It is Kim’s body that built the fame and fortune for her sparkling empire. She didn’t forget to mention her goddess body. Talking about body image in fun or discussing health or wellness is a great starting point.

Make Live Moments Count

Kim was so good at hosting SNL, expect to see her conquer other live roles in the future. Going live on social media platforms creates a golden opportunity to capture live moments.

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