Every great CMO “Chief Marketing Officer” could use a hand finding the most influential luxury marketing resources. Ever wonder who should you tweet or engage on Twitter when it comes to luxury goods? Understandably, luxury brands fear social media because it unveils the exclusivity engagement. Not all social media channels are created equally and Twitter stands out in the crowd. Luxury brands are finally starting to understand that social media is a primary engagement meeting place, best for starting conversations not converting purchases. It’s a give, give, give environment over take and receive.

Now, what would happen if luxury brands connected with influential leaders on Twitter focusing on luxury goods? Twitter launched in 2006, around the same time that we launched MC MosnarCommunications.com (we go way back with Twitter). The most success we have had on social media has always been with Twitter over other social media channels. Our mission is to create a luxury PR media platform to inform and educate about luxury goods, products, and services. We build credible brand awareness influence to assist luxury consumers with making buying and purchasing decisions that result in luxury brands increasing their revenue earnings. So when luxury brands need to gain exposure and credibility to generate revenue they work with us.

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Ubran Luxury Twitter Profile #Luxury MosnarCommunications

We discovered that Twitter provides a HOT list of luxury Twitter profiles! By building relationships with account profiles on Twitter luxury brands can connect to influential leaders to sell more luxury goods. Say a luxury PR firm or luxury marketing company finds a Twitter profile using the search term luxury or luxury brands? Twitter ranks account profiles by importance for the topic….

It is extremely important for brand managers to understand that influence is much more important than followers when it comes to Twitter. A Twitter profile with a stronger influence having less followers is much more influential for targeting luxury audiences than a Twitter profile of mass followers.

Finding Influential Luxury Twitter Profiles

First select search and then enter search topic in selection box.

Search Influential Profiles on Twitter MosnarCommunications #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing


Search for Luxury PR Media accounts, look at us dominating on Twitter for luxury PR media.

Most Influential  Luxury PR Media Accounts On Twitter MosnarCommunications #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing

Search for Urban Luxury accounts, us again dominating on Twitter for urban luxury (We did say we go way back and invested many years in building content equity on Twitter).

Most Influential Urban Luxury Accounts On Twitter MosnarCommunications #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing

Search for Luxury accounts, these are the most influential luxury Twitter profiles “Luxury Society, Luxuo, Luxury Insider” see the entire list to build luxury media relationships.

Most Influential  Luxury Accounts On Twitter MosnarCommunications #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing

Search for luxury brand accounts, these are the most influential luxury brand Twitter profiles “Gucci, Burberry, Luxury Interactive” see the entire list to build luxury media relationships.

What we can gain from this is that Gucci, Burberry, and Luxury Interactive are all focused on the key search term for “luxury brand” when it comes to Twitter and tweets. 

Most Influential  Luxury Brand Accounts On Twitter MosnarCommunications #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing

Search for luxury brands accounts, these are the most influential luxury brands Twitter profiles “Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel” see the entire list to build luxury media relationships.

Gucci also wants to focus on the key search term luxury brands in addition to luxury brand. However, Louis Vuitton and Chanel have a stronger interest in the search term luxury brands than in luxury brand. While they also do still rank on the list.  

Most Influential  Luxury Brands Accounts On Twitter MosnarCommunications #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing


Measuring Luxury Conversations

Search for Luxury PR conversations, these are the most influential luxury PR conversations right now. As tweets update this changes real-time….The influence of a Twitter account is strongly attached to social conversations in tweets. Which is why it is very important to focus on building search content equity online for stronger social media influential value. 

Most Influential  Luxury PR Conversations On Twitter MosnarCommunications #Luxury #LuxuryMarketing

Good luck with building influential Twitter profile relationships and matching marketing budgets to the best luxury media platforms.

MosnarCommunications Twitter Profile Luxury PR Media #Luxury


We work with luxury brands, luxury PR firms, luxury marketing companies, and luxury content marketing agencies. For assistance with luxury PR media for a luxury brand please contact postmaster@mosnarcommunications.com in confidence.

photo credits via Twitter using iPhone 6.

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