Hanging a SALE sign in the store window and on the website is all wrong. When it comes to selling luxury goods the word “sale” is a very bad four letter word for attempting to target or engage high net worth individuals. As luxury brands and luxury retailers fear the worst about the economy….there still could be some very basic rules for using luxury PR media communications to turn things around fast.

When luxury brands or their luxury PR representatives turn to MC MosnarCommunications.com they need a quick fix solution. Luxury is a perception and brands must seek to engage luxury consumers through public relations influence. However, today many luxury brands are trapped in a timezone war of having followers and likes on social media that produce no benefit for revenue earnings. True friendships simply can’t be purchased to drive more luxury goods sells and referrals. Start thinking in the direction of organic, sponsorship, partnerships, and so on.

Fixing Luxury PR Media Problems


CR Cataunya Ransom MosnarCommunications

CR Cataunya Ransom, Chief Brand Officer MosnarCommunications.com

Luxury brands have always had great success with sponsorships and from brand ambassador endorsements. Releasing press releases on credible wire services such as PR Newswire, Business Wire, PR.com, PRLog, etc should still be a top priority to increase brand awareness and media exposure. However, beyond press releases it is also necessary to pitch best matched luxury media platforms for storyline pickups. Focus on spending marketing and promotional budgets targeting online luxury media.

Affluent shoppers prefer easy access to online luxury purchases. When luxury brands create press releases with storylines found on credible luxury media platforms this encourages influence for buying decisions for luxury consumers. Something that social media following can’t do and lacks for converting luxury goods or services when it comes down to online transactions.

As a digital brand ambassador MC MosnarCommunications.com assist luxury brands with telling their press release stories to reach affluent audiences. As a sponsored feature the luxury brand’s press release storyline receives highlighted credibility and influential branding value. This is similar to the marketing promotions that BuzzFeed (no affiliation) provides to their marketing sponsored features.

The fact that MC MosnarCommunications.com is a luxury PR media platform the potential to connect with luxury consumers and luxury professionals is best matched to luxury brands.

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