Here is the best digital marketing company cheat sheet for digital marketing agencies. When selling luxury goods and focusing on luxury marketing it’s important to stay in the know about trends and updates.

Why this report is useful for luxury brand agencies and digital marketing agencies or those serving as a digital marketing consultant.

1. Luxury Brands Need Google “Digital” Search 

PMX Agency study, Google, alone, accounts for 48% of all referrals to luxury brand sites. The search engine is the biggest source of traffic to the luxury category. Nearly 40% of visitors leaving a luxury brand site keep shopping by going on to another retail site.

More than half of all traffic to luxury brand Web sites comes from search. Some 46% of this traffic is paid, greater than the paid rate seen for the broader apparel and accessories market at 39%, according to research released this week.

2. Ralph Lauren Corp. and Michael Kors Winning At Digital Marketing Online  

Again, PMX Agency uncovered something important about luxury digital marketing online. Identifying Ralph Lauren Corp. and Michael Kors lead the pack when it comes to online market share. The marketing and research firm, which conducts an annual analysis designed to gauge the relative success of today’s leading luxury brands online, said its latest deep dive found that Ralph Lauren had the largest online market share among luxury brands, at 19.2 percent. Ralph Lauren’s website, the study found, accounted for about one in five visits for the luxury goods category.

3. Meet The Top 9 Luxury Brands Worldwide 

The report, by PMX Agency, measures a variety of metrics including site visits, brand searches and social media engagement within the luxury apparel market.

Ralph Lauren is No. 1 



Here is a look inside Ralph Lauren’s marketing and advertising strategy. Ralph Lauren’s (RL) advertising programs are created and executed through the company’s in-house creative and advertising organization. In this way, the company ensures consistency of presentation across channels and countries.

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