Fashion PR is in hot demand and attracting men to buy luxury clothes is on the rise.  More luxury brands are now targeting men to buy luxury clothes. Why are men so important to the fashion industry?

Men have become very interested in their appearance and the fastest growing spenders when it comes to shopping for fashion.  According to Euromonitor, forecasting for men’s clothing sales will grow 1.9% in 2021, compared to just 1.4% for women’s clothes.

The market research firm forecasts men’s lines will outperform women’s between 2017 and 2022, with sales expanding by a compound annual growth rate of 2 percent.

After all, men have come to realize that their “personal appearance” should matter just as much as a “love interest” looks.  Prompting the increase in wellness for health and fitness among men. 

Fashion PR: Six Reasons Why Men Buy Luxury Clothes

Why Men Buy Luxury Clothes Mosnar Commuications

When it comes to reasons why men buy luxury clothes, six reasons control influential value and it’s all about developing their own personal style.

# 1. Size Matters 

For fashion, men understand that they are all physically unique and luxury clothes must work to go with individualism to size up an outfit that looks good.

# 2. Lifestyle Influence  

Lifestyle influence and geographic location is a major part of why men shop for luxury clothes.

# 3. Practical  Shopper 

Men, unlike women, are interested in shopping for staple pieces that save time and money. Men are more practical shoppers and prefer fashion that never goes out of style over buying into trends.

# 4. Accessorizing Mood 

For fashion men are all about “accessorizing mood changes” to identify their lifestyle choices. Selecting accessories that complement their fashion choices by mood affiliation to represent purely personal preference.

# 5.  Style Icon Crush 

“Yes, men have style icon crushes” just like women do or other men they admire when it comes to fashion sense they like to copycat.

# 6. Love It 

Men overall select luxury clothes and shop for fashion that they would love to wear. Most men are not worried about if other people like what they are wearing, it only matters if they “love it” to them.

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