The future of luxury for 2017 is near, luxury brands are getting ready for a transitional uprising. This means that it’s now time for luxury businesses to create innovative products, services and experiences or die from not going digital.

If the top five future of luxury 2017 digital trends could be summed up “The Future of Betterment” would define it all. As we shift to a “Luxury Experience Economy” that demonstrates a “Status” representation for defining “Who I Am” over simply lifestyle appearances.

So, “Who I Am” will represent status for being ethical, creative, connected, tasteful, etc.

For luxury and digital marketing self-tracking and online sharing will play big roles in the race for self-actualization status among the affluent power players.

Five Best Future Of Luxury 2017 Digital Trends

Success will come to those luxury brands who can combine solutions to problems that represent self-actualization. Presenting a luxury offer that caters to self-actualizers.

An prime example would be the “Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Luxury Holiday Package” which catered to people running in the Barcelona marathon. Where self-actualizers run marathons and status seekers take luxury vacations, a win-win digital strategic plan and approach. 


Barcelona Marathon 2012 released their “THE FUTURE OF LUXURY Five trends reshaping luxury consumerism in 2017 and beyond!

Here are the top five future of luxury 2017 trends to copycat for luxury and digital marketing campaigns:


Because my self-actualization is faster, smarter and more exclusive than yours.

2. V.I.D.

Very Important Data.


Luxury that makes the world a better place.


Luxury on-demand.


Disrupted demographics transform the who, where and when of luxury.

For the first time luxury consumers as well as influencer marketing platforms in 2017 will be true brand ambassadors through digital marketing. Solving the problem for how-to keep luxury exclusive in a digital marketing world not meant for the masses.  Kids Confidence Creativity Training Club solves a problem for parents through offering “Premium Redeemed” luxury that makes the world a better place. Tapping into the growing problem to teach kids empathy through confidence learning by offering exclusive membership access.


Addressing the problem: In the current 21st century the education system is frozen in a backdated timezone and failing to equip children with relevant skills needed to produce creative and innovative learners. Operating as a factory producing millions of educated learners lacking relevant skills desired by top companies such as creativity, flexibility, communication and collaboration for a happier better world footprint.

Solving the problem: Kids Confidence Creativity Training Club by was created to provide creative confidence learning. Understanding that kids need strong confidence to drive healthy creativity for happy lifestyle wellness. Having supreme confidence builds character for happiness and success in life to feed creativity from curiosity to further explore learning. Through creativity practice that builds confidence kids become more self-aware and develop a trained sense of empathy compassion to excel in life. Developing leadership skills for self motivation, dealing with failure, and never giving up attitude.

SIRIN LABS takes V.I.D to the next level with luxury digital marketing for “Very Important Data” exclusivity.


SIRIN LABS unveiled the Solarin: a USD $13,000 Android smartphone. The Israel-based technology company’s device has military grade privacy protection and features a chip-to-chip 256-bit encryption activated by a physical switch that places the cellphone in its secure mode. When the secure mode is enabled, the device only connects with other Solarin handsets for calls and messages.

In 2017, the future of luxury will be advancing for more enhanced innovative products, services and experiences! 

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