For luxury brands the start of a new season is the ultimate time to generate publicity buzz. When it comes to high-end luxury the perception of the brand’s message is the key element. So how do you standout in the crowd among spring and summer campaigns of LookBooks?

To understand the value of a LookBook it might be important to review what it is first for high-end brands. A LookBook is simply a collection of photographs to promote features and benefits of luxury offerings. Which is why you should launch a LookBook spring and summer campaign!

The most vital reaction is to make your LookBook newsworthy. One important thing to remember is that you can use a LookBook campaign to promote luxury goods, services, or products.  Don’t limit your luxury brand by thinking that LookBook campaigns should be for just the fashion industry. Consider LookBook campaigns for luxury hotels, luxury surgery, luxury products, luxury restaurants, luxury private jets, so on…. Do splurge on the photos! The more high resolution and dynamic ambience the better.

The goal is to launch a LookBook campaign for luxury goods, services, or products to introduce spring/summer features and benefits offerings.

Tip One

Season Colors – When it comes to introducing a collection of photographs to engage target audiences color plays a key role. Research the hottest seasonal colors and incorporate them into your photo collection.

Tip Two

Innovation Message – Make sure to relate the innovation message in the collection of photographs that you desire to communicate with your target audience. The use of Infographics is also an excellent solution to deliver an innovation message. Relate in a picture what it is about the luxury brand, product, or service you want the target audience to SEE in the picture. Delivering a message with a photograph.

Tip Three

Press Release Promotions –  Build media credibility for your LookBook with a professional newsworthy press release. Hint, your press release should be written to sound newsworthy and not like an advertising campaign please! Once you have generated a well written press release distribute it on Luxury Diffusion designed to promote luxury press releases and luxury news. Visit .

Tip Four  

Social Media Promotions – This is a cost effective solution to promote your LookBook in mass reproduction. Engage your social media audience by giving back with your LookBook collection of photographs.  In return they help you with promoting that they LIKE or FOLLOW your LookBook. A win-win.

Tip Five

Relationship Promotions – Make sure to promote your LookBook among relationships you build. A good idea is to collect mobile phone numbers and emails.

Good luck!

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