Traditionally, luxury brands have always had a reputation for being very exclusive. However, as the popularity of online engagement continues to grow so has the demand for inquires. The search for more information on luxury brands has advanced to be Googled for decision making.

Hence the reason why more luxury brands are understanding the importance of online credibility and media relationships. Ultra luxury consumers are done with the fluff and seek to rely on luxury media with credibility. Digital Luxury Group recently released a list of the most search luxury brands online. Giving insight into areas that ultra luxury consumers are interested in on their search quest.

In partnership with Luxury Society, the world’s largest community of luxury executives, DLG has deciphered the top 50 most-searched for luxury brands in the United States in 2011.

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The ranking is based on more than 470 million intentions expressed by American consumers using Google and Bing to search for luxury products and services related to 500 luxury brands from 6 different segments (watches, jewelry, fashion, beauty, automotive, hospitality).

Top 50 Most Searched Luxury Brands in the US

Interest is strong for luxury automobiles

Luxury automotive brands are clearly leading the pack, with BMW and Audi ranking in the 1st and 2nd spot across all brands. Out of the top ten most-searched for luxury brands, six were automotive brands.  Automobiles represent nearly half (48%) of the total searches for luxury brands in the US.


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