This is your big moment to score a luxury brand PR pitch spotlight. Never mind if you are not actually attending the 2013 Grammy Awards the most important thing is that you learn how-to use this red carpet affair to your own brand’s benefit.

Take advantage of the Grammy Awards to highlight your luxury brand expertise for products, services, goods and more. It’s easy to gain publicity when you focus the luxury PR campaign around a specialized event like the Grammy Awards.

For example if you are a stylist such as an expert in hair, makeup, fashion etc you can gain credibility exposure by offering style tips. A media favorite is to highlight profiles for celebrities. Why not even do your own style score card or special report.

Grammy Awards Luxury Brand PR Exposure Major Stars

Once you decide what you would like to focus on surrounding the Grammy Awards then you will be ready to launch your campaign. For example at we focus on luxury PR branding so we could offer tips on who turned up their brand awareness while walking the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. A lawyer might want to talk about bad boys like Chris Brown at the Grammy Awards and serve up some legal advice tips. The promotional tie-ins are huge to score some major brand publicity.

A dentist might cover who had the best teeth at the Grammy Awards on the red carpet. A creative storyline like that is bound to draw intense media coverage. An online fashion site could benefit from covering best celebrity looks and similar products to get the same looks. There are so many ways to gain luxury brand PR pitch spotlight exposure.

Make sure to promote your coverage in a press release distribution. Make an announcement to the world!

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