Today is National Tequila Day! Happy industry birthday to all of the top luxury Tequila brands. It's your birthday, celebrate! Tequila is one of kind and is only produced in the Tequila Region from Mexico. The most expensive Tequila and bottle in the world is valued at $3.5 million dollars. It is deemed the most luxurious drinking experience on the planet for Tequila proficients.


The most desired Tequila brand is produced by Ley .925, they are known around the world for their incredible Tequila taste. Said to be so good that you will never need to add lime. No easy task for Ley .925 they produce 100% blue agave tequila by aging the Tequila for a total of 6 (six) years. Packaging is then created to add to the luxury experience. Each bottle is designed as a limited-edition and resembles a barbed sea shell and signed with an engraved signature by famous Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza. A show piece the bottle is encrusted with diamonds on  platinum or  platinum and white gold shape feature.

Ley .925 is a Mexican tequila


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What's Inside The Bottle?


The best tasting Tequila on the planet that has been aged for exactly six years. Made from Pasion Azteca tequila that is a pure sap of the celebrated blue agave plant perfecting it for six years to be fermented and distilled. It is amazingly delicious and will never need a lime to add taste because of the process to make it.




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