As luxury becomes more and more lifestyle we can expect to see new luxury concepts in the marketplace. The concept of luxury perception is changing to meet the demands of high net worth consumers. A luxury car is also a luxury lifestyle representation, a reason for new launches from luxury car brands.


Make Room For Bentley SUV


The soccer mom just got an fab sport-utility vehicle upgrade and likely will be the most wanted luxury car in the marketplace. Everyone will want at least one Bentley SUV parked in their driveway. A mastermind show piece of art the ultra luxury Bentley SUV, sport-utility vehicle from Volkswagen AG (VOW).


Bentley SUV

Bentley SUV Photo credit Jason Alden – Bloomberg feature


A fashion statement the Bentley SUV will now be the world's most expensive sport-utility vehicle in the luxury car brand marketplace. After all it is a Bentley, correct? Priced around 180,000 euros ($237,000). Major players in the luxury car brand sport-utility vehicle marketplace are Fiat SPA (F)’s Maserati sedans and Porsche Cayenne SUV.


Mercedes-Benz Designs Golf Cart With Love


For the love of golf fans Mercedes-Benz went all out. In collaboration with golf fans Mercedes-Benz set out to design the ultimate golf cart experience. A special vision created by Gorden Wagener who serves as Mercedes-Benz's head of design.


The Mercedes-Benz golf cart is driven by controlling a central joystick. The double feature is that it also allows riders on either side of the cart to control its direction. No more jumping in and out to control driving the golf cart. Did Mercedes-Benz listen to what golf fans wanted or what?!

Mercedes Benz Golf Cart Front

Photo credit Mercedes-Benz feature


Mercedes-Benz golf cart features and benefits:

  • Fore button
  • Solar panel roof
  • Air scarf heater
  • iPhone/iPad docking station
  • Heating/cooling cup holders
  • Cooler/warmer refrigerator
  • Heat up or chill down beverages


Mercedes Benz Golf Cart Infograph



One thing for certain this is the ultimate luxury golf cart experience. Expect to see these Mercedes-Benz golf carts driven around in gated and private communities.


Mercedes Benz Golf Cart

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