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There is a lot to be learned from bad co-branding relationships. Which there seems to be more fall outs than happily ever after when it comes to co-branding relationships among luxury brands these days.

It’s no secret that over four years ago Tiffany had a very bitter feud with onetime partner Swatch and ended a joint venture that had been intended to make Tiffany a major luxury-watch player again.

Can Tiffany pull off a comeback as the best luxury watch retailer?

Allow MC to reintroduce a superior luxury brand “Tiffany” the ultimate luxury watch pioneer.

Tiffany Sells A Luxury Watch Story

Tiffany CT60 line of luxury watches 3 MosnarCommunications

Fall In Love Co-brand With Only The Best

In 2007 Tiffany teamed with Swatch Group AG, the biggest maker of Swiss watches.

Tiffany and Swatch MosnarCommunications

Have A Nasty Co-branding Public Divorce

Swatch Group AG received a 17 percent increase in 2013 earnings as it won compensation from Tiffany & Co. in a nasty legal battle. Dutch arbitrators, or private judges, ruled that Tiffany owed Swatch 402 million francs, plus interest, in December 2013.

Swatch Tiffany MosnarCommunications

Challenge The Co-branding Divorce 

In May of 2015 Tiffany wins a Dutch court ruling setting aside a decision by arbitrators who ordered the jewelry chain to pay Swatch Group AG more than 402 million Swiss francs ($419 million) in a dispute over a failed venture.

Swatch vowed to appeal…

Tiffany MosnarCommunications

Reintroduce Reinvent For A Luxury Watch Comeback

Stake a claim in New York heritage and luxury brand prestige by reminding the world that Tiffany & Co. is a pioneer for luxury watches.

Tiffany Luxury Watch MosnarCommunications

Introduce The Most Significant Luxury Watch Collection In Modern History

Power the initials of a 178-year-old luxury brand company founder “Charles Lewis Tiffany” invest in 60 seconds of New York heritage to invent CT60 line of luxury watches.

CT60 line of luxury watches intro MosnarCommunications

Connect To A Historic Moment

As Periscope proves luxury branding moment engagement now rules. Tiffany’s CT60 line of luxury watches is inspired by the Tiffany watch that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt got for his birthday in 1945 and that he is seen in ­photographs wearing at the Yalta Conference a few months before the end of World War II.

Tiffany CT60 Chronograph Watches MosnarCommunications

Add To The Luxury Watch Industry Story line

Put the luxury watch industry on notice with a vintage-­inspired Swiss-made CT60 line. A creation of sophisticated inspired historic superiority connect to a historic moment.

Don’t call it a comeback because Tiffany never left the scene with DNA footprints in history….

The luxury timepiece marketplace will be extremely competitive and is worth $27.8 billion global…..Euromonitor International expects the luxury timepiece marketplace will grow 20% a year through 2019.

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