Damn those Kardashians they are simply the best at everything when it comes to luxury PR media. When the world’s most beloved social media Goddess a.k.a Kim Kardashian West decides to focus her celebrity luxury branding to online shopping and mobile apps engagement…Well, everybody else and especially the luxury industry better start with taking some serious luxury branding inventory.

Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall

It’s seems Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall planned a big flagship online website and app launch on a Monday of all days. Was it a new iPhone launch? Nope, even bigger and just like “Apple” does it but they did it in “Silicon Hollywood” style… Yes, there is such a thing known as “Silicon Hollywood” when celebrities launch mobile friendly online sites and apps! It’s all the rave in Hollywood these days.

J. Lo and Kim Kardashian West’s openly “girl crush” has already expressed an interest in getting involved in Silicon Valley next app generation of big ideas.

Online Shopping and Mobile Apps

Firstly, I’m happy to say that the Kardashian Jenner crew at least heard our cry. MC MosnarCommunications.com started urging luxury brands to take a serious look at building their flagship online engagement and mobile apps platform some while ago. Explaining the importance to online shopping engagement content equity solutions. Predicting that social media engagement must also accompany online website influential engagement with mobile apps platform to encourage online shopping purchases…from mobile friendly online websites influence and using mobile apps luxury marketing engagement.

Kardashian Jenner Silicon Hollywood MosnarCommunications

However, too few luxury brands are lacking in the area of online luxury shopping and digital content engagement. Where social media is lacking to generate online purchases. Generally, Facebook advertising and other social media advertising solutions don’t reach online shoppers while searching to make a purchase… Online shopping engagement allows to connect with the individual conducting an online search and ready to make a purchase.

If you thought Kim Kardashian West was getting rich from her Kim Kardashian game app. That will be nothing compared to her flagship online website and personal mobile app platform. It’s sensational and everything she promised it was going to be and so much more.

Before they breakout some expensive champagne gifted to them by some luxury brand in hopes of “luxury marketing” using the Kardashians. Let’s not get too excited there are some strong areas that Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall need to also work on first.

Global Online Rank

This is where Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall will attempt to take on Google and Facebook as well as all the top ranked online websites on the universe.

Going up against the highest ranking global online websites in the world…It will not be as easy to rule online as with social media. Where many factors are considered for online such as domain age, content credibility, influence back links, etc… A very different world than social media influence engagement. Plus to rule online Google has to actually love you and not just like you. Online websites can become a cash goldmine by ranking well in the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on….

For the Kardashian Jenner crew financial benefits will be enormous to profit from online shopping commissions and sponsorships. Heck, they just might start emptying their closets and move into luxury consignment shopping. Get worried The RealReal because the Kardashian Jenner crew are officially online.

Kardashian Jenner

Attention “Fashion Bloggers” and “Beauty Bloggers” you better take some serious inventory as well…. The Kardashian Jenner crew are moving in on your luxury marketing territory shifting influence toward online engagement beyond social media ….Don’t say MC MosnarCommunications.com didn’t further also urge fashion bloggers to focus on online engagement, too.

Grading Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall Online

KimKardashianWest.com (watch out online luxury retailers Kim K West is online)

Kim Kardashian West Online Website MosnarCommunications

KhloeWithTalk.com (not wild about this domain name but Khloe is such a likable brand)

Khloe Kardashian Online Website MosnarCommunications

TheKylieJenner.com (we already said even before their app release date that Kylie holds the biggest brand value by ruling the mobile apps authority).

Kylie Jenner Online Website MosnarCommunications

KendallJ.com (this domain name is awesome…However, the news media outlets overpower finding the online website).

Kendall Jenner Online Website MosnarCommunications

Now this is where having millions of “followers” take a backseat to global rank, visitors by country, bounce rates, daily page views per visits, daily time on sites etc… Oppose to how millions of followers, fans, and friends the Kardashian Jenner crew must now concentrate on “top keywords from search engines” a much more complicated luxury branding influential engagement strategy.

Better than a selfie the world can review how well each Kardashian Jenner is scoring online by visiting Alexa to review their report card thanks to the Amazon owned company. This is where the biggest corporations in the world go to review online websites by global rank status and top keywords from search engines when deciding to partner on cobranding projects.

Mobile Apps

Kardashian Jenner Sisters Apps MosnarCommunications

Here the Kardashian Jenner crew have an home court advantage and especially Kylie Jenner …. She essential became an overnight Apple App Store darling … Kylie scored on Apple’s Top Charts as #1 top free app!

MC MosnarCommunications.com is pleased to be the destination discovery zone to download the Kardashian Jenner apps!!

Kyle Jenner Official App MosnarCommunications

Kylie Jenner Official App


Khloe Kardashian App MosnarCommunications


Kim Kardashian West MosnarCommunications

Kendall Jenner Official App MosnarCommunications

Kendall Jenner Official App

Congrats to the Kardashian Jenner entire family so let the competitions begin…they are ready to take on the world in online publishing.

Wow… Have you seriously thought about targeting online shopping and mobile apps platform engagement? Would you like some direction with luxury branding for online website content and mobile apps luxury marketing?

MC MosnarCommunications.com is available to provide flagship luxury online websites and mobile apps consulting services, development and designs. Rates start at $2,750 & up for flagship luxury online websites consulting content engagement and development. For luxury apps design rates start at $7,500 & up. Please contact Ann Lane viaann@mosnarcommunications.com or call ( 404) 806-0548 in confidence for immediate assistance.

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