By now you have likely already heard about how powerful Periscope is (the place to explore the world through someone else’s eyes!) for brands. What you may not be understanding fully are the enormous benefits of using Periscope as a luxury branding marketing strategy for selling more luxury goods, products, and services can offer. Okay, now I think I just hit your hot button for getting undivided attention…

Here is why Periscope owned by Twitter is the hottest thing in luxury marketing for branding to date. Well, before we get into “what is it?” or “how does it work to help luxury brands?” it might be important to discuss the hypothesis for this educated guess. Detailing the “if/then” approach for superiority when it comes to luxury branding. If luxury brands use Periscope they have a possibility to connect with younger audiences… Say like millennials, the goldmine of target audiences to generate revenue earnings.

 Luxury Branding Marketing Strategies

In a Nielsen report it was revealed that millennials represent one of the largest generational groups in the U.S. and are also the largest group of smartphone owners. Identifying that 85% of those aged 18 to 24 owned a smartphone and 86% of those aged 25 to 34 also own smartphones.

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By using Periscope in the beginning infancy stages, being first for the possibility to become a pioneer and driving influential control is a major big deal. Creating a branding potential that could blockbuster a marketing plan and marketing strategies for luxury branding. A master plan of being first for “getting in first” while the social equity and mobile equity high stakes are still available. It’s a true game changer.

Then by using Periscope luxury brands can spark a new conversation for targeting cool influencers and control influential actions… By now you should be totally sold even if you don’t exactly know what it is or how it works just yet… If you are in the business of selling luxury goods, products, or services influential control prompting a reaction is what can drive revenue. Until now there was truly nothing that could directly control this influence to act. Not guest blogging, press releases, or even content marketing.

Why this is major news is because Periscope grants access in real-time to moments that matter. It’s a highlight stopwatch to interact and engage to program influential control for luxury branding exact targeting. Finally, a true social media marketing and mobile app tool for the type of exclusivity invitation luxury brands desire to have when implementing marketing strategies.


Periscope Luxury Branding Mosnar Communications

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Let me breakdown what Periscope is and how it works to benefit the luxury industry. First, these are the steps you need to take to create a Periscope account, there is no charge and it’s fairly simple:

  1. Download the Periscope app from the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in using your Twitter credentials. If you have multiple Twitter accounts on your device, you will be prompted to choose which one you want to sign up with.
  3. Your Twitter profile picture and bio will migrate over to your Periscope account, and we will build a list of suggested followers based on who you follow on Twitter. Remember, Periscope doesn’t automatically import your Twitter followers.
  4. Enter your name.
  5. Choose a Periscope username (handle). This can be different from your current Twitter handle.

Next start thinking like a cool “in the know” luxury brand because this is what Periscope positions luxury brands to be from a marketing strategy perspective. What is Periscope? It’s a live streaming app that has been around for about six months or so but already has attracted 10 million downloads. How it works is the impact of engagement for real-time focusing on moments that matter most for luxury brands.  A complete engagement influential balance to explore the world through the eyes of the luxury brand.

Burberry films its S/S 2014 show using the iPhone 5S

During their London in Los Angeles fashion show from LA, Burberry captured the real-time moment using exclusivity engagement by connecting their live-broadcast to desired target luxury audiences. Here is how Periscope stands out in the crowd for creating live streams in real-time moments for engagement. In Periscope users get only 24 hours to view a live stream which followers to your luxury brand handle will receive an alert. They can elect to watch the broadcast live at that moment or watch the replay within 24 hours because the replay is deleted after 24 hours. Luxury brands create buzz by gaining followers and likes on Periscope. Creating a demand to watch the broadcast live in the real-time moment and fear of loss that it will be gone forever within 24 hours. A luxury branding marketing strategy dream come true….A position approach for selling more luxury goods, products, and services.

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When using Periscope luxury brands have new opportunities to engage with their desired target audiences focusing on real-time moment highlights. Twitter provided six ways that brands can use Periscope and the list is certainly worth checking out.

Here are five ways MC see that luxury brands can implement branding and marketing strategies using Periscope for superior results.

#1 Exclusive Events

Exclusive events engagement and promotional highlights for sneak peeks.

#2 Culture Identity 

A real-time moment for brand awareness engagement and culture identity purpose in the luxury marketplace.

#3 Brand Ambassador Interviews 

Hosting live interviews and Q&A sessions for influential engagement for luxury branding.

#4 Newsworthy Announcements 

Introduce special announcements and important happenings or launches in the moment presenting V.I.P special offers surrounding luxury goods.

#5 Influence Control 

A solution to educate on luxury goods, products, and services. Creating mobile equity for influence control and social equity credibility by cross promoting on social media channels.

MC is available to offer luxury branding consulting for using Periscope marketing strategies to assist luxury brands with selling more luxury goods, products, and services. Starting at only $750 (U.S Dollars) monthly consulting MC is available to assist with Periscope consulting for luxury branding and other public relations luxury marketing strategies. For more information please contact Ann Lane via or contact  (404) 806-0548 in confidence.

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