This holiday gifting a luxury purse will be considered the ultimate way to express love. A luxury handbag has a story that is full of expression and memories that last forever. It’s the “ultimate gift” that is never ever forgotten.

What is the best luxury purse to buy when it comes to making an investment?

According to, Cassandra Conners is one lady who knows luxury purses. They recently called her the Imelda Marcos for luxury purses. Conners runs a company called “Bella Bag” in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia and holds thousands of authentic Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada handbags.

hermes_fall_winterphoto credit Hermes

When it comes to spotting fakes for luxury purses Conners company Bella Bag is a pro. Suggesting to always go with your gut… Like for example if it sounds (seems) just too good to be true in terms of pricing it likely probably is. So in other words it’s a “fake”.

One thing the company also suggests is to make sure the style you’re  buying is actually one that exists for that brand. Informing that counterfeiters will often mix styles using two different brands.

Another important factor for spotting fakes would be to ask questions. There can be many pieces to a puzzle solved when questions to confirm how a handbag is authentic. Bella Bag suggests passing on any handbag when the seller can’t answer questions about origins of the item with authority.

Lastly, when investing in luxury purses the best high-end value can be found in Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior and Prada.

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