$43.5 Million Tribeca Townhome 3photo credit Fizber, Inc.

In the market for a luxury real estate property? Entrepreneur and philanthropist Alan Wilzig’s $43.5 million 11,000 square foot Tribeca townhome is now featured on Fizber.com. The property is Fizber’s most expensive listing to date, among more than 12,000 new home listings posted on Fizber.com in 2014.


$43.5 Million Tribeca Townhome 6photo credit Fizber, Inc.

After learning of Fizber, Wilzig who had decided to maintain control of his home sale, created a free property listing with Fizber which automatically posted the listing on more than 100 real estate and social networking websites including Zillow®, Trulia ™, Yahoo! Real Estate, Homes.com and Facebook. As a result of his Fizber listing, Wilzig has received interest from home buyers and buyer’s brokers around the world.

$43.5 Million Tribeca Townhome 1photo credit Fizber, Inc.

Thousands of the homes listed on Fizber.com this year have already sold. When customers come to the site to list their home, Fizber’s free listing service not only broadcasts the property listing to major buyer-oriented real estate and social media websites, but also creates customized marketing materials and provides online services to support the seller through the process of managing the sale. Fizber guides sellers through each step of the home selling process from how to showcase a property to accepting offers and closing the deal.

If a customer needs extra support, Fizber has products and services tailored to meet their needs. If desired, Fizber introduces sellers to like-minded and carefully selected, local real estate professionals registered on Fizber.com who can provide transaction coordination or other needed home selling services at significant savings.

$43.5 Million Tribeca Townhomephoto credit Fizber, Inc.
$43.5 Million Tribeca Townhome mainphoto credit Fizber, Inc.

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