Nope we have not been paid by Cadillac to help with their re-branding (but we sure wish they would call on us), let’s get that out the way and if so we would have announced this was a sponsored feature. For luxury car brands all of the talk is now about Cadillac. There seems to be lots of mixed emotions centered around the perception if Cadillac is a luxury brand or not. Is it fair to simply measure this debate by their year end performance?

Luxury Car Cadillac

Cadillac luxury car

photo credit Cadillac

So Cadillac can’t seem to connect with luxury consumers to buy the American car brand on the level they had hoped and that may not all be their fault to a certain degree. Generally, a luxury brand which is what Cadillac  aims to be defined as “without having to say it” they want to be thought of as a luxury brand. I guess they want or expect luxury consumers to know this, ” right ” ? If Cadillac wants to sell more cars as a luxury brand they must tailor their media campaigns on telling an American promise and love story.

Cadillac plans to make some power moves … Smart dealerships should be in-lining their marketing campaigns to benefit and sell more American made cars faster.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a Cadillac with the right marketing campaign? If you own a Cadillac dealership please contact us we can help! Send inquiries to in confidence!

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