Turn up your at-home bar experiences with the right bar cart tools. When it comes to the perfect mixology skills, making sure your bar cart tools are stocked is always important. To create the ideal relaxing environment having an at-home bar offers many benefits to express style and personality.

Peugeot, Leonardo, Zoku, and Capresso have some amazing tips on tools and glassware to enhance the at-home bar experience. #Howto 

How To Turn Up At-Home Bar Experiences With #BarCartTools

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Contemporary and refined, the Peugeot Vigne Corkscrew features a grapevine-shaped handle and a beautiful beech wood body. It offers easy, effortless uncorking, simply by screwing in the worm.  This innovative design can remove any type of cork from any type of bottle, in one swift movement.

Peugeot Paris Bouquet Glasses magnify wine and reveal its richness and complexity.  Their size, shape, and fineness are calibrated to release the scents, notes, and flavors of the finest wines, enhancing nuances of color.  The red, white and sparkling glasses are graced by clean modern lines and clarity the embraces the play of light.

#Sponsored Leonardo Spiritii Glasses – cocktail/martini, single old fashion, double old fashion, and highball – were designed in Germany in partnership with a professional cocktail artisan.  Their 12-cornered facet design enhances light reflection and brilliance.  Made of shockproof glass, they are highly durable, dishwasher safe, and even freezer safe for special iced beverages.

Zoku Cocktail Ice Molds create oversized ice cubes – in the shape of a jack, sphere or cube – that melt at a slow, even rate.  The sturdy molds cover ice completely to protect flavor and texture in the freezer.  No rinsing required to remove ice, once frozen.  Can also make flavored ice from fruit juice, lemonade, infused water, coffee and more.

Create edible, cooling shot glasses from the ice with Zoku Shooter Ice Molds.  Simply fill the silicone molds with water or other liquids on the storage tray and freeze.  Once frozen, easily remove the flexible silicone and pour the shooter.  Whether sipping or shooting, your hands never have to touch the ice thanks to the shooter base.

Some like it hot, so explore boozy hot chocolate with the Capresso froth Control, the first automatic milk frother that makes frothy hot chocolate with chocolate chips as well as powder or syrup.  Add Amaretto, Irish Crème or Crème de Menthe to hot chocolate, or use white chocolate chips for white hot chocolate with vanilla vodka.  Four settings – cold froth, hot froth, hot milk or hot chocolate – create a multitude of delicious options.


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