Unicorn beauty trends are all the buzz in the beauty world right now. When it comes to getting sparkles and unicorn color hair, these are the top products leading the way. We are in love with purple glitter and matching hairstyles. 

Unicorn Beauty

Unicorn Beauty Trends Mosnar Communications


Purple Colorwash – VIBRANT BOLD COLOR Say goodbye to dull, lifeless color that fades after a few washes. With Celeb Luxury’s line of amazing color-rich enhancer shampoos, you can extend and infuse colored vibrancy into each strand of your hair, enhancing the color while hydrating and smoothing.

Pastel Baby Pink – UNICORN HAIR SEMI-PERMANENT COLOR. Only mythical creatures are worthy of this color explosion. Unicorn hair brings the vibrancy of rainbows to the halo of your head. Made for the dreamers and believers, who love soft, colorful locks.

Festival Glitter – KARIZMA Play with your natural glow and our Unicorn Chunky Glitter. Inspired by working closely with celebrities and influencers on press appearances, red carpet, photo shoots, and music videos.

Unicorn Beauty 3 Mosnar Communications

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