For the first time ever, people all over the world can begin the new year enlightened and encouraged that there is a real solution for overcoming the illusions/obstacles on the pathway of life and press forward to achieve their goals.  The Quest audiobook subscriptions will be sold exclusively at

The audiobook version of The Quest is scheduled for release next month, and is the first definitive guide for helping individuals refashion their life through education, inspiration, and self-observations.

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Daily, we are bombarded with one-sided news stories consisting of people protesting inequalities of police violence, domestic violence, immigration policies, Obama Care, unemployment, wars and many other conditions without any indication of the true underlying causes for these effects.

In 1873, John Stuart Mills—a British philosopher and political economist—said, ‘I am convinced that no great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible, until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their mode of thought’; Infinite Piper, The Image Enhancer® author of The Quest and CEO of Beyond Style® addresses Mills’ provision, expressing that “that great change is the idea of Individual Volition the other-side of the story, the reaction, the Individual Responsibility that must be recognized and employed by every Individual for himself”. Piper further elaborates on the discussion:

“What the public fails to realize, is that there are always two-victims; never one, two-sides to every story, the action and the reaction. But the majority of the public will only see what they have been told to see, the one-side of the story or what they term the victim.”

She says, that the human being is a mess, because he lacks adequate Personal Development and this condition has gone unobserved far too long and is responsible for the most socially accepted forms of insanity that pervades our society today.

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