Joy to the world of luxury is spreading around the web. This season for luxury brands social media will play a major role when it comes to influencing luxury purchases. As a result luxury brands are competing to gain more followers, friends, fans, and members. All social media attributes that are very different from the luxury norm of exclusivity.

I have to wonder how many luxury brands actually think that just because they have a Facebook or Twitter profile that they don’t need to invest in social media expertise. After all you can establish a Facebook and Twitter account at no charge so why would you need any guidance right? Which is likely why luxury marketers are not seeking assistance and missing out on tons of revenue earnings potential because they don‘t know how to properly engage inside social media networks.

The amazing thing about social media is that it also levels the playing field for emerging luxury brands to compete on a global level. Every luxury brand no matter how big or small using social media has the opportunity to build credibility and grow influential.

Here are some insider tips on how-to launch holiday luxury social media campaigns.

1. Image – Deck the pages of social media profiles with holiday images. Make sure to use high resolution pictures that are crystal clear and bright.

2. Celebrate – Spread holiday cheer among social media networks. Engage by making holiday announcements and sending out personalized well wishes.

3. Promote – Launch social media campaigns offering holiday V.I.P offerings. Show appreciation with exclusive social media campaigns that engage to build credibility for influential control. Hint, hint influence is the power to encourage purchasing, referrals, and buying decisions.

This 2010 holiday season marketing luxury is the big winner. Consumers are focused on making purchases of high quality because of the state of the economy. Luxury goods, services, and products most often represent value and quality.

Like some help with launching a Holiday Luxury Social Media Campaign? Receive a complimentary evaluation please contact us in confidence at or 1 (404) 416 – 6009 .


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