If we truly examine why luxury brands are paying such mega bucks to fashion bloggers, the real reason is not because it ever actually leads to an immediate purchase or will attract ultra wealthy consumers to even buy luxury goods. In fact, the majority of fashion bloggers don’t target high-end consumers. Fashion bloggers target the masses and we all know ultra luxury is not exactly for the masses (nicely putting that their audiences can’t truly afford to buy the clothes being seeded).

Fashion bloggers make a living by reaching the masses and gaining millions of followers online especially inside social media platforms.

Fashion Bloggers Make Money MosnarCommunications

photo credit @WeWoreWhat via @Instagram featured on harpersbazaar.com

Sorry but fashion bloggers don’t really influence UHNWI Ultra high-net-worth individuals to buy luxury brand goods. This is not new news and luxury brands should know that fashion bloggers don’t produce buyers for their luxury goods. So why are luxury brands paying such big bucks to fashion bloggers to take photos wearing their clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes, accessories, etc? Vastly to an audience that can’t afford to buy luxury goods?

Paying an fashion blogger is the exact same reaction as sponsoring an event to enhance luxury brand awareness. So luxury brands don’t pay fashion bloggers because they think they will influence consumers to make purchases. Again, luxury is not for the masses or intended to be for the masses at any time in history. Remaining exclusive is an luxury brand’s survival status which is what truly influences ultra wealthy consumers to buy luxury goods.

What fashion bloggers produce for luxury brands is “mass exposure ” to receive brand ambassador endorsements less affordable than partnering with an A-List celebrity. Let’s say the luxury brand pays 15k to an fashion blogger with close to a million plus followers to wear a certain high-end handbag? Compare this to an A-List celebrity endorsement, that’s a drastic discount in a sense.

While they may not actually even realize it yet but fashion bloggers are still under paid … They should view their partnerships with luxury brands not as “photo shoots” but sponsorship endorsements not based on followers but influence exposure. This undervalue could explain why some fashion bloggers don’t even have their own content blogs. Without holding control over their own content media and allowing everything to be controlled by social media sites puts the fashion blogger at an disadvantage. Which is why still most fashion bloggers do have their own sites. However, they don’t focus on the influence exposure content equity they control over building social media followers.

At MosnarCommunications.com we work with luxury brands through strategic sponsorship ambassador endorsements. Because we are influential and credible we can assist luxury brands with increasing their revenue earnings by connecting with buyers. Firstly, we actually do target and attract ultra wealthy consumers to our luxury PR media platform. We have an exclusive email and text mobile database of over 100,000 luxury consumers and luxury professionals.

Our purpose is to offer an engagement zone platform for luxury brands to tell their brand story, purpose, and mission. We consult luxury brands on how-to create their own luxury media content engagement. We further provide luxury professionals with superior tips and training.

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