Email marketing is the most undervalued secret weapon for luxury brands to enforce superior PR and marketing strategies. There are key bespoke rules to follow when it comes to attracting ultra-wealthy consumers looking to purchase more luxury goods online or in-store.

If you have a luxury brand and need to drive more revenue sooner than later, email marketing is the fastest solution that can quickly solve all your problems.

When it comes to email marketing communications for luxury branding, bespoke rules must always be applied.


These are very simple email marketing strategies to enforce for promoting a luxury brand using bespoke rules producing ultimate ROI (return on investment) results.

Action Plan 1

Define Luxury Brand Marketing Strategy

Every luxury brand must define its purposeful marketing strategy before launching email marketing promotions.

Determine what is it about the luxury brand’s message that should be conveyed to reach a specific desired prestigious target audience.

Make sure to determine elements for luxury brand value, high-end pricing, origin, scarcity, heritage value, craftsmanship details, and customer loyalty, etc.

Action Plan 2

Effortless Onboarding Approach

Attracting luxury consumers to signup and start receiving emails from your luxury brand is essential. The best solution is to present an effortless onboarding approach.

For the luxury consumer, it’s all about “what’s in it for me” to make onboarding effective for email campaign signups.

Here is where the “Welcome Series” will create the biggest return on investment. Once a luxury consumer onboards and agrees to provide their sacred email address, then the luxury brand must deliver a welcome series of communications that will stick to keep covet interest in the luxury brand.

Action Plan 3

Luxury Brand Alignment Concept

All email marketing communications aren’t created equal. A luxury brand must also stand out in the crowd when it comes to email marketing.
Luxury consumers expect luxury brands to offer communications that have an alignment similar to the luxury brand’s concept. The persona must be vibrant and engaging through communications.

Many exclusive top luxury brands even offer an invite-only email list. Which may require an active purchase as an entry.

Action Plan 4

Never Send Emails Without Reply Back Response

When sending email correspondence to wealthy consumers, understand that their time is invaluable and your email message must present information that will add value to their lives in the CTA (Call To Action) of the luxury offer.

One of the biggest mistakes that any luxury brand can make is to send out emails with No Reply back options.

Many rich people often feel entitled and think like this “If I can’t email back, then you shouldn’t send email communications out to me.”

Elite consumers are sometimes offended by email offers that don’t allow a reply response to inquire more about the email subject matter.

Not allowing your customers to email back sends a strong message that your luxury brand doesn’t value their time.

The best purpose that email marketing provides is an owned channel for luxury branding. Allowing luxury brands to create an online gateway for personalization ideas and connect abandon shopping carts for missed revenue opportunities.

Luxury brands can utilize email marketing for marketing and PR promotions to introduce product launches, live shows, sneak peeks, new store openings, online special offers, exclusive marketing, and so much more!!

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