If you think that the best time to party or socialize is at night think again. Luxury day time club trends is the new social gathering sensation. MosnarCommunications.com is delighted to introduce an insider exclusive on La Plage by Bacanal that will be the jewel of super rich affluent individuals around the world.

This exciting London new day club La Plage will open on the 26th of April of this month. Special invitation to book La Plage is now open, please visit www.bacanal.com . 

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La Plage is London’s first island style pop up residency day club in the West end (Millennium Gloucester Hotel). After 4 years of succesfully throwing parties at London’s best venues (including The box, Nozomi and Kensington Roof Gardens) through mobile day brunch club Bacanal, CEO Diego Lijtmaer is excited to introduce his new venture.

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La Plage will consist of offering guests the chance to brunch and socialise at 12.30pm before kicking of the ruckus all day event at 3.30pm finishing at 8pm! The event space consists of a large open air sun roof allowing guests the privilege of the sunshine while partying amongst palm trees and sun beds transporting from the city to your favorite holiday beach destination in the matter of minutes, escaping for the day is what La Plage is all about amongst other amazing experiences.

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The whole day consists of London’s top DJ’s pumping tunes and each party has entertainment that is specifically picked for the theme of that specific brunch. Past entertainment has included a 30 man Brazilian samba band, electric orchestra and stilt walking fire breathers…. How about closing your next business deal at La Plage ?

Exclusive Q & A with Diego Lijtmaer


Day partying is an interesting concept? What made you want to bring this to London?

La Plage by Bacanal is inspired by the infamous NYC brunch parties, I wanted to bring the infamous parties to London but add a European island twist. While working in investment banking I decided to adapt the concept creating Bacanal because I was not satisfied with the nightlife and the club scene that London offered in 2010. There was not much to do to meet people on Saturdays. We started the brunch parties by inviting our personal network, and it just grew from there, we were so surprised with the amount of people that signed up to our database in the first year…people were signing up so fast that it crashed our event system!
You used to work in finance, what made you take the leap to quit and start your own business?

Just the realisation that life is too short to do something that doesnt make you happy, you need to do what you love. Mine is starting businesses, developing new ideas and making them a reality

What differs La Plage from all the other day parties around the world?

First of all we are the first dayclub in London and our venue is very unique, it embodies island clubs that you may find on Ibiza or St Tropez. We have elaborate entertainment that has scaled from an electric orchestra to stilt walking fire breathers for our guest to enjoy whilst they brunch on great food. I am a perfectionist so making sure that the execution of all elements of the party go smoothly is my top priority and I work with a great team to do so not to mention the best Djs in London.

What kind of people do you envision coming to La Plage?

Young professionals that work in fashion, film, finance and the media. People travel from all corners of the world to come to our parties so everyone is welcome – The only rule is to have a good time! 

Where do you like to go out in London? 

The Box and  Scotch are my usual hang outs but I mostly have house parties with my close friends.


Whats the best thing about your job?

In my line of work you meet all different types of people. I have made some life long friends from doing what I do and I get to travel the world to seek out new opportunities and new parties which is an amazing experience. I have hosted parties in Milan, Croatia and Ibiza to name a few. I wake up everyday doing something I love – What could be better than that?

What is your goal with La Plage?

In London clubs come and go. I want to make sure that La Plage stays current and is a place where people can let their hair down and enjoy themselves while making new friends!

Special invitation to book La Plage is now open, please visit www.bacanal.com .

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