Would you like to launch an luxury offer direct to consumer?

If you operate as a luxury brand and have high-end luxury products, luxury goods, or luxury services that you would like to sell online right now is the perfect opportunity to make it happen!

Today, you “no longer have to be a celebrity founder” to get recognition for launching a new luxury brand online.

What exactly is direct to consumer “DTC” and how does it work?

Launch A Luxury Brand Direct To Consumer Mosnar Communications

The process of Direct To Consumer refers to selling luxury products, luxury goods, or luxury services directly to your niche target end customer with exclusion of wholesalers, retail third-party relationships, or middle brokers.

However, one growing trend in the luxury DTC marketplace is the rise in use of brand ambassadors and affiliate marketing opportunities.

Luxury content marketing is how luxury brands work with brand ambassadors and affiliate marketing partners to attract luxury consumers to their DTC luxury offers.

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When it comes to DTC promotions most luxury products, luxury goods, or luxury services don’t utilize traditional advertising such as public displays, television, radio, etc. 

By 2020, DTC online selling will reach $16 billion dollars.

Direct To Consumer Luxury Brand Launch Mosnar Communications

That should grab your attention, especially if you still waiting on the sidelines to launch your luxury offer to start selling online.

When assisting clients with launching DTC luxury offers for their emerging luxury brands “new” to the marketplace, we prefer working with simplified ecommerce platforms.

Especially, if the luxury brand has a small workforce and just getting started.

Our team will design and setup the DTC luxury offer or luxury brands can simply setup their DTC luxury offer online in minutes using our trusted recommendation.

We partnered with Shopify as our preferred sponsor to develop engaging dynamic DTC luxury offers online.

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How To Launch A Luxury Brand Direct To Consumer

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Shopify in our opinion is absolutely the best solution to create beautiful DTC luxury offers.

What makes Shopify our top choice is because it’s an ecommerce software and superior ecommerce platform for all point of digital features you need to start, run, and grow your luxury offer online.

The most phenomenal part is that Shopify allows you to sell your luxury offer from anywhere!

Promote your DTC luxury offer using Shopify from one platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere online with your e-commerce store, online marketplaces, and social media, and in-person with point-of-sale capabilities.

Our clients don’t have to ever worry about setting up payment processing when attending conferences!

Shopify e-commerce software also allows luxury brands to accept payments in-person with point-of-sale transactions.

Making it super easy to accept payments at conferences and expos by having a ecommerce platform you can take with you while on the go!

You never stop moving merchandise with the Shopify platform. This is the best platform for launching DTC luxury offers online.

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