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What if luxury brands outfitted popular U.S. luxury portals, blogs, cafes, and so on? By using the exact same approach in Tokyo’s luxury brand cafes outfitting luxury brand logos through lifestyle awareness. Sure most luxury brands might ponder over placing an banner ad image on a site focused on luxury media that could not link back to their primary site, “right?”

Welcome to the “new age of luxury public relations PR” lifestyle awareness. It’s not all about enforcing a direct link or even measuring click results. Let’s simply face it in general most people hate to click on banner ads, be it images or content. In fact luxury brands could learn more from how to build people relationships over forcing advertising relations. This will surely assist to achieve more revenue earnings by selling increased luxury goods, products, and services faster.

VERSACE luxury ad campaign logophoto credit VERSACE

Smart outfitting of luxury brand logos is designed to send the target audience in pursuit of the offer. Better known in the world of luxury PR as a call to action. Take for instance when you see a banner ad in social media on Facebook, Instagram, etc…… The mind tells you that the ad campaign is not really clickable but the “link” will take you to a space somewhere to learn more about the offering. It is never the “direct link” back to the site, but a special page about the offer. Luxury consumers will follow pursuit without clickable links.

Well in Tokyo cafes are outfitted with luxury brand logos that actually go nowhere…. However, the luxury brand logo lifestyle awareness is connected through exposure experience. Sending all the people who at some point visited the cafes and to follow pursuit of the luxury brand offering.

Luxury Brand Logos

To help you better understand more about exposure awareness so that luxury brands can connect with people. You may be thinking how will people connect with my luxury brand if the ad is not clickable? Think in terms of placing an huge ad campaign banner in NYC Time Square? This is something luxury car brands love to do. Finally, you now get the “big picture” for the power of ads to nowhere.

Hilton HHonorsphoto credit Hilton HHonors

The luxury brand logo ad should be designed to communicate the message with a call to action. There is nothing wrong with placing an URL in the ad but reveal that the URL and ad are not clickable if placing it online! Yes, do reveal this for online ads.

What this approach does is sends the luxury consumer in pursuit of the offer. YES, it works! The luxury consumer is introduced to the luxury brand logo through awareness lifestyle. This prompts the luxury consumer to want to learn more and immediately ready to buy (make that purchase).

This is a true love story “at first sight” except there is no guy who meets a girl. In life the guy chases the pretty girl in pursuit and seeks to seal the deal by putting a ring on it, “correct?”

Happy outfitting your luxury brand logo in luxury media and beyond.

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