When it comes to buying a luxury watch most affluent men can’t seem to buy just one these days. In fact there is an addiction for owning a collection of luxury watches. Famous rapper Jay-Z even jokes in his Otis Lyrics with Kanye West about his passion for “new watch alert”…. According to Jay-Z “truth New watch alert, Hublot’s Or the big face Rollie I got two of those Arm out the window through the city I maneuver slow Clap back, snap back See my cut through the holes”.

Luxury Watch

Luxury Watch Rolex main1photo credit Rolex

Recently the NYTimes.com covered a story on For Luxury Watch Buyers, One Just Isn’t Enough…..Profiling Bill Bartlett, who purchased 36 watches, which most had been made by Rolex. Often referred to as Rollie for Rolex in the hip hop community.

Luxury watches are arm addictions for powerful men. It’s sort of like having a pretty woman on your arm…. Maybe the men are optioning for wearing a different watch oppose to having to show up with the pretty woman. As the Yummly male is not getting married and going for ultra luxury lifestyle for men only.

How many luxury watches do you own?

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