By now the majority of luxury brands have decided to pull down their exclusive walls and engage with luxury consumers in a more digital friendly manner today. What “I” mean is that most luxury brands now have an official website that allows luxury consumers to shop online and through their mobile platforms as well. The biggest problem for luxury brands right now being reported is that their advertising budgets are just not reaping positive returns on investments. Okay, it happens and there are strategic ways to improve and correct this problem quickly.

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If you offer luxury goods this is the very best time ever to be doing so in history. When I do repeat this to people they pause and that is only because many luxury brands have not figured out how to build an loyal luxury consumer database. There are more millionaires and billionaires climbing the ranks of wealth separating the gap between the haves from have nots. The opportunity to present luxury goods and services is greater right now and luxury brands must move on it to create sustainability.

The reason that luxury brands are starting to now report a decline in their revenue earnings is because they lack evergreen marketing strategies. For luxury brands they still want to remain exclusive and are limited to what they feature in advertising and promotions. Here is where the problem comes into play because luxury brands are not introducing real communications exposure. “I am the very first to agree that luxury is exclusive and should remain exclusive.” However, luxury branding must also include targeting and attracting exclusive niche ultra wealthy audiences.

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Evergreen content marketing is rarely used by luxury brands in their marketing or advertising planning. Why evergreen content marketing is very important is because it can produce credibility and sustainability for a very long time. Evergreen content marketing continues to remain relevant even after feature publication and remains fresh year after year. What evergreen content is not centered around is news, holiday and seasonal promotions, trends, etc. Most of what you see today promoted by luxury brands is typically everything that is not evergreen. Which is the reason why luxury brands are starting to see a drop in revenue earnings. While some would like to make you believe that this is mainly linked to China’s drawback on lavish luxury spending. Luxury brands must learn how to market and promote their brands in the marketplace for sustainability especially now. Those that understand this will be the ones who come out on top and the ones who miss it will be pushed out.

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Luxury Evergreen Marketing

Timing and medium platform are the most important resources for a successful luxury evergreen content marketing campaign. Organized content marketing is the best solution for luxury brands to target and attract desired ultra wealthy consumers. Telling a good engaging luxury brand story and building customer loyalty is how to create a demand position in the marketplace.

One example I love for evergreen content marketing campaigns that work well for luxury brands are product review promotions. A product review educates the luxury consumer and offers brand awareness perception for the luxury brand. Communications is the fastest way to create customer loyalty and to building a loyal luxury consumer database.

Other ways luxury brands can use evergreen content marketing is by providing exclusive lists! Everyone wants in on something special and a list offers a V.I.P experience for exclusivity. Luxury brands can also offer tips and advice on how to use their products and services. Enhancing the customer user experience is always an excellent solution to present evergreen content marketing. I also like how-to tutorials and videos as resources for educating luxury consumers on luxury goods and services. Evergreen content marketing is an excellent solution to drive sales and influence spending.

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