If luxury brands want to sell more fashion, they must improve digital footprints for their Omni-Channels  focusing on just two things. The emerging of digital technologies, social media and mobile devices has led to the significant changes in the retail environment and present opportunities for luxury retailers to redesign their marketing strategies. 

Today customers are looking for information in the physical store and at the same time they are getting more information from their mobile devices for offers and contrasting pricing.

Omni-Channel Luxury Marketing 

Omnichannel retailing uses a variety of channels in a customer’s shopping experience including research before a purchase. Such channels include: 

  • Retail stores
  • Online stores
  • Mobile stores
  • Mobile app stores 
  • Telephone orders  
  • Any other method of transacting with a customer. 

How Luxury Brands Can Fix Omni-Channels 

These are two things that luxury brand can do immediately, advancing their Omni-channel strategy:

1. Provide seamless experience

In the omni-channel world, the display advertising, search energy, social media, referral websites, e-mail and mobile marketing can be considered as the independent channels within the digital intermediate due to those methods can all promote one-way or two-way communication. The retailers should find ways to integrate the online and offline channels and evade segregated campaign. 

2. Analysis and understand customer behaviors

When adapting the omni-channel concept, customer behaviors need to be fully understood by the retailers. Especially, the elements that might truly drive the customers to make purchase decision; and customer’s paths to purchase, which related to their lifestyle, time committed to the purchase and the distance to the retail store. Based on the customer behaviors, retailers could provide targeted incentives through digital and mobile promotions. 

The Omni-channel must focus on offering an uniform customer experience. A simple example is that the design of the website should remain consistent with the mobile app and should also match the physical store presence.

Fix this and luxury brands can solve their Omni-Channel problems. 

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