Curating killer Influencer lists is the new black in luxury marketing. If you desire to sell more luxury goods, there are four rules to always follow to make this happen. Where today, Influencers out pace luxury brands with their engaging experiences on social media. Most luxury brands are just trying to keep up by offering an Omni-Channel that can make sense for exclusivity. Where Influencer posts are 8 times more popular than brand posts in China.

When consulting luxury brands or luxury branding agencies, the very first thing we suggest is to create “keyword personas” to capture the attention of their ideal target audiences. Surprisingly, most luxury brands are not winning at Influencer marketing, an area they should be ruling with dominance. If the majority of  luxury brands started to think like Amazon, they could rule Influencer marketing from their own digital website platform. 

Curating Killer Influencer Lists

Madison’s Beverly Hills boutique work with influencers to create covet lists of smaller labels. Influential for their MADISONMUSES™ promoting brands such as Silvano Sassetti, Officine Creative, Fauzian Jeunesse, Rocco P and Sartori Gold…Creating lists of fashion trends to heart. 

Buying sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc in hopes of gaining matched followers will never win a true loyal customer. Similar to when “luxury magazines” were being used like social media to create fluff ads to influence audiences to buy luxury goods. This didn’t work then and it’s not working now. However, during that era “luxury PR executives” were the influencers like we see on social media today. For $50,000 or more the luxury PR executive was hired to toss the luxury brand’s name around at social gatherings with gentle purpose…funny but true! 

The algorithms are set in social media like slot machines. Sorry, to break this bad news…now you know why social media advertising is not working to sell more merchandise. Social media is the ultimate place for engagement, a location to be seen…not to win loyal customers through credibility or trustworthiness. To sell more luxury good there must be credibility and trustworthiness to influence someone to run out and buy your merchandise! 

Hot spot tourism lists are winning, especially in locations like Palm Beach where influential value of must see and do experiences prompt passionate envy. curates covet lists for metro Atlanta’s upwardly mobile and affluent crowds. Attracting an email database of over 150,000 followers who don’t want to miss out. 

If luxury brands want to win the battle and navigate their digital influence they must implement a winning strategy.

Here are four simple rules to follow for curating killer lists:

1. Identify A Need 

Address a need that your luxury offer can fulfill.

2. Conduct Research 

Theory is the best practice to guide research. Conduct data science research to see what consumers desire in the marketplace. 

3. Create A List 

Invent a list that will be created from identifying needs and data science research. 

4. Promote The List 

Promote the list as a breakthrough formula blueprint addressing the needs identified and data science research conducted. 

Curating lists is the easiest solution to win customer loyalty. This works because lists are seen as not only influential but also very helpful. People love sharing lists over and over again. Having products circulated on popular lists continues to bring repeat business and revenue consistently. 

Now go make a list that is influential and one people will love and share often! 

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