When it comes to brand management the stakes are high for luxury brands to remain relevant these days. If luxury brands want to sell more goods, products, and services they should be paying closer attention to mobile search trends and create a strategy to grab attention.

What if there was a crystal ball for luxury brands to target mobile search effortlessly? It appears that Google would like to offer some help in this area and if Google wants to give search advice every luxury brand in the world should follow along.

Google identifies the best solutions to create a killer mobile search strategy. Directing marketers to use the smartphone as a primary personalization platform to locate consumers. This approach can be very effective sense smartphones do also move across time, activities, and locations. Which Google explains smartphones have become the device of choice during the critical micro-moments when consumers want to know, go, do, or buy.

Luxury Brands

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Let’s break this down more, so for instance when a consumer wants to know something a smartphone is useful to learn more. If ever a consumer would like to go somewhere a smartphone is where they consult. If the consumer would like to do something a smartphone is where they can learn. Most importantly when a consumer is ready to buy a smartphone is a decision maker platform for purchases.

Here are top three areas where luxury brands should be focusing when it comes to mobile search trends and practices.

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Mobile Centric Search 

These are searches which happen 75% of the time or more on a mobile device. These queries offer powerful insights into what audiences want when they’re on a smartphone. This is how luxury brands can win by giving consumers the relevant experience they expect. It’s about being there for them and being useful.

Micro Movement Opportunity

Luxury brands need to jump on opportunity for being there and implement solutions for being useful to understand consumer intent and context. The intent signal that search gives and the context signals that mobile can provide (such as location) can help tailor answers and experiences precisely for consumer’s micro-moment fulfillment needs.

Near Me Search 

The lottery ticket of luxury brand management and access to serving up serious luxury goods products and services. Similar to micro-moment fulfillment however  Near me searches (like “coffee shop near me”) have the ability to target, attract, and direct consumers. According to Google these kinds of searches grew by more than 130% year over year and they’re much more common on mobile. Mobile makes up 88% of all “near me” searches, with those mobile searches growing even faster at 146% year over year. Whereas with mobile centric search these are essentially go to research queries that generally  happen across almost all types of businesses, from hotels and rental cars to nail salons, shoe stores, pizza parlors, and banks.

Certain specific luxury goods are commanding tons of mobile search attention. This is where luxury brands should examine their offerings and analytics to supply the demand for popular luxury goods on mobile search.

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Luxury Cars 

For luxury cars mobile search presents a very strong avenue for dealerships to drive more business. Many of the most popular mobile centric searches for autos are actually luxury car price inquiries: searches like “Tesla price,” “Maserati price,” and “Audi R8 cost.” Where luxury car price searches like these grew nearly 90% on mobile from 2014 to 2015.


Identifying the top niches for bling and baubles. It’s actually rings that are among the most mobile searched type of jewelry, followed by necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. For luxury brands mobile search for rings specifically reveals even more.

Some of the top mobile centric search themes for rings are:

  • promise rings (such as “promise ring for girlfriend”)
  • wedding rings (such as “wedding ring set”)
  • engagement rings (such as “engagement rings for men”)

The promise ring related mobile searches grew by 77% from 2014 to 2015. This reveals that promise rings can sell very well doing occasions such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

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This is where luxury brands can score using near me search results. When it comes to mobile searches for hotels same day bookings are preferred. Google expresses that types of searches cover a wide range of types and use cases, from the business person searching for a luxury hotel in New York City to the family of five (plus pooch) in a minivan looking for a last-minute place to sleep near Orlando.

Data from Hotels.com states that 74% of mobile bookings are made for same-day check-in.

Now more than ever luxury brands need to start focusing on their mobile strategy and search appeal offering for consumers seeking to know, go, do, or buy on mobile.

What are consumers searching about your luxury brand on mobile devices?

Capture micro moments to fulfillment needs for top luxury mobile search demands. Create more featured content on leading mobile platforms that reach mobile devices. Luxury brands must become influential in mobile brand awareness to drive more business and sell more luxury goods.

Would you like to connect with consumers conducting mobile searches to promote luxury goods products and services?

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