Luxury digital marketing Influencer moves to watch right now! Launching our first volume 1 collection…these are the top movers and shakers driving the most influential presence in the luxury digital marketing sector.

Luxury Digital Marketing Influencer Moves To Watch 

Battle Of Social Media Top Luxury Brands 

Which luxury brand holds top rank for social media influence? 

Insightpool, an influencer marketing platform that’s based on social data, developed the ranking and distinguished the top 10 most influential brands in the space, which portrayed the current shopper mind-set as one dictated by consumers looking to balance investment buys with trends of the moment.

The top five was a blend of brands that ranged from luxury to fast fashion. At number one was Chanel, which boasts 20.1 million Instagram followers and 12.8 million Twitter followers currently. Louis Vuitton trailed in second position it presently has 16.1 million Instagram followers and 6.11 million Twitter followers. Christian Siriano secured the third spot to some surprise as it has a fraction of the social followings that Chanel and Louis Vuitton have, yet incorporates noteworthy amounts of engagement via social channels. The designer has 643,000 Instagram followers and 372,000 followers on Twitter. Puma and Forever 21 rounded out the top five, respectively.

Fohr Card To Disrupt Influencer Follower Health Score

Luxury brands can now rest easy about fake followers now that Fohr Card, a leading influencer platform, introduced a way to identify fraudulent followers and assign a Follower Health score to each influencer. A pioneer in influencer marketing since 2012, Fohr Card will also be the first company to charge brands only for campaign impressions with verified, human followers using this new capability.

New Video Code of Conduct in Luxury Marketing

OMD EMEA and Tubular Labs revealed a joint study that uncovers social video insights across select sectors of the luxury industry.

“The exclusive and crafted nature of luxury brands meeting the open accessibility of online video was always going to be a challenge,” said Blake Cuthbert, Chief Digital Officer at OMD EMEA. “The most successful luxury brands have embraced the opportunity by allowing their followers to be truly immersed in their unique stories, building authenticity and equity in this redefined category.”

China On Track To Overtake U.S. As Digital Leader For Luxury Watch Brands 

It is projected that visits to luxury watch websites from China are expected to surpass web traffic from the currently leading U.S. market this year, according to the results of the latest WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark by Digital Luxury Group (DLG). This report presents insights into the changing preferences and behaviors of consumers, offering clues as to how the Swiss luxury watch industry can save itself in China.

Chinese consumers are now visiting luxury watch websites more than ever before. Even luxury watch brands like Tag Heuer have been increasing their digital presence in China in recent months.

Sponsored Content From Media Companies Under Review 

While sponsored content is a major revenue stream for media companies, many may not be following federal government regulations. Just as bloggers came under federal government regulations to ensure that consumers knew when these e-correspondents were being paid to write about a brand or product, now WWD has learned that the concept of sponsored content has caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission.

Earned Media Value By Rank Revealed  

Tribe Dynamics measures EMV by the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media. The agency then assigns a dollar value to each piece of content based on the perceived of digital word-of-mouth to brands. Posts from influencers, brands, retailers and publications are reviewed from blogs, web sites and social media platforms and the correlating engagement that includes commenting, Tweets, favorites, likes, shares and video views among others.

Top 10 Luxury Brands, Year-Over-Year Growth, Earned Media Value

  1. Gucci: 115 percent, $61,798,514
  2. Chanel: -1 percent, $46,082,425
  3. Dior: 49 percent, $42,288,157
  4. Saint Laurent: -12 percent, $33,483,712
  5. Dolce & Gabbana: 130 percent, $28,277,158
  6. Marc Jacobs: 13 percent, $27,277,58
  7. Versace: 159 percent, $24,057,986
  8. Louis Vuitton: 46 percent, $23,863,135
  9. Givenchy: 67 percent, $20,108,284
  10. Valentino: 20 percent, $18,553,666

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