Clos19 is the ultimate place to discover everything you need to know, from the essentials to the exceptional. How to choose the perfect bottle for a cocktail party, a dinner or a gift. How to master the magic of mixology. How to sniff out the subtleties of the finest wines, champagnes and spirits. And how to tell the stories and secrets behind the labels.

This is the best website to learn about the vineyards where it all began, meet the cellar masters and peek into the remarkable lives lived on the terroirs of Clos19. You’re in the right place to take a step into the exceptional! The Art of Hosting

Q. Explain THE ART OF HOSTING By Clos19


It’s not just about being a host. It is also an art de vivre.
The Art of Hosting is the very backbone of Clos19. It embodies an attitude of sophistication that evolves with the times. In the 19th century, hosting was an extremely formal affair, guided by a set of unspoken rules. In the 21st century, the markers are more blurred. Clos19 is helping to shape the new rules: Modern. Vibrant. Elegant. Words to live by.
Clos19 is inspired by historic vineyards.  
The modern expression of LVMH’s exceptional estates around the world, Clos19 will take you on a journey to discover wines, spirits and champagnes deeply rooted in history. The clos, an enclosed plot in which the most highly prized vines have been grown since the Middle Ages, inspired the Clos19 brand marque, created in 2017. What better place to begin exploring than this time-honoured birthplace of good taste.

Q. What Does Clos19 Do Best?


Heritage, savoir-faire and exceptional experiences… 
Epicurus was a wise and sensible man. To share what you love with the people you love is a source of great joy. Which is why Clos19 wants to share with you their most prized bottles, exclusive experiences on journeys to maisons, professional wine tastings and tutorials with master mixologists and their favorite stories in Journal19.

Q. What Is The Clos19 Purpose?

A. To offer the best, direct to you from Clos19

 Clos19 is your passport to champagnes, wines and spirits from the world’s legendary estates. Where the greatest experts are behind every single bottle. And where each of those bottles is the result of a dream, a vision or a secret that these passionate professionals love to share. Clos19 can offer these exceptional labels, from the producers directly to you truly a priceless proposition.

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