Luxury digital marketing trends are helping luxury businesses to sell more offers online. The power of digital marketing is the best solution to sell more luxury goods, products, and services faster from anywhere in the world.

Many times small luxury businesses will attempt to copy what they see major luxury brands doing especially online. What’s wrong is major luxury brands have different objectives and being a copycat is not a revenue generating strategy for emerging luxury companies or those struggling to generate more revenue online.

Luxury Digital Marketing Trends

Luxury Digital Media Trends Mosnar Communications

These are luxury digital marketing trends that work best for small to mid-sized luxury businesses. 

Social Media Digital Videos Winning – If life was a contest “live from a social media platform digital videos” would be 100% winning to sell more offers! Digital videos bring new life to social media engagement for driving luxury digital marketing influential value.

While we strongly view each social media platform as having varies and different influential benefits for digital video release. Right now Facebook seemingly is getting more thrust spotlight for “live and in-feed” awareness.

It’s very important for luxury businesses to engage in digital video on social media platforms. Testing and measuring which social media platform generates the best results.

For our clients we are more concerned about the “topics for digital videos” used in their luxury digital marketing campaigns, all luxury businesses need to have an action plan that includes their offer for “influencing people to buy on the spot” or create some kind of scarcity demand. This is where most luxury small businesses don’t see positive results because they are constantly “promoting” over using digital marketing success formulas for selling.

SEO Topic Influence – Instead of targeting a certain “SEO keyword” the trend shift is to own influence for a “SEO Topic” now days to sell more offers.

Where this benefits luxury businesses is in the lead to create experiences. When you can engage with your consumers through SEO topic content generation, this will drive confidence and credibility to influence buying behavior!

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SEO topic influence is without question a very advantageous win-win luxury marketing strategy. We are also implementing this action plan in luxury digital marketing campaigns for our agency clients and have seen some great results.

Visual Narrative – Visual storytelling can help to relate a mission statement and purpose in the marketplace to sell more offers. Producing good visual narrative is resonating very well with luxury consumers and driving awareness for perception influence.

Most luxury businesses are paying more close attention to Instagram Stories and SnapChat platforms for visual narrative exposure. We are working with our clients to also include their visual narrative on their own website platform as well to drive more leads and sell offers directly from the source.


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For example the visual narrative should include a luxury marketing message for:

  • Visual seeing
  • Auditory hearing
  • Kinesthetic doing

The best benefits of the visual narrative is to enforce a visual of a before and after experience associated with the offer from the luxury business.

No matter which luxury digital marketing trends and strategies you utilize, still the most important message will always be your offer for connecting others to buy from your luxury business.

If you would like help with luxury digital marketing planning and strategy for your luxury business our monthly rates start at $2,750 (U.S. Dollars). Our goal is to assist you with creating a luxury digital marketing strategy that drive winning results to generate more revenue and increase profit earnings. We work with luxury businesses to increase revenue profits and also luxury marketing agencies and PR firms to grow their client’s revenue streams.

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