is delighted to announce that we are launching digital marketing training for luxury small businesses! This will be a “no charge” complimentary ongoing series for luxury small business owners to learn how-to generate more revenue and grow their business online using “digital marketing” strategies!

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The first training session was started today and where CR Cataunya Ransom founder of talked about one secret digital strategy to generate revenue online!!


  1. Create An Exclusive Luxury Offer with Fear of LOSS – Making the offer so tempting that the luxury consumer can not stand to pass on, hence the “Fear of Loss!”

Two Types of Offers The Work Best For Luxury Goods, Products, and Services

  1. Direct Purchase Offer – A direct buy on the spot…Has a hard deadline attached, requiring the luxury consumer to react within a certain timeline date.
  2. Lead Engagement Offer – Opposite of a direct purchase Offer, the luxury small business owner gifts the luxury consumer something of value. While at the same time building credibility, trust and a lasting relationship between the luxury consumers and luxury small business leading to continued possibilities to sell more luxury goods later forever!

Complimentary Gift!

We partnered with Constant Contact for email marketing software “no charge” for luxury small businesses to start TODAY! This a  limited time trial offer and  when you signup through we will add you to our digital marketing campaign for our Constant Contact email marketing complimentary digital marketing training!

Start growing your luxury small business using email marketing top secrets today. 

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