The year of 2014 for luxury brands will be all about the content marketing. Luxury brands who focus on content marketing will come out on top and those who don’t will see the value of their brand influence drop. Now more than ever luxury brands must be concerned about how to increase their brand awareness and credibility to build organic influence engagement to sustain revenue earnings.

Can you still buy social media popularity and pass it off as organic influence engagement? Keep in mind that buying social media ads and exposure is not entirely 100% organic. Making it necessary to include content marketing strategies and planning into marketing campaigns. Take for example the luxury brands that you follow (like) on Facebook. When you see something about that luxury brand in your time line, do you actually read the information every time that you “like” something they post?

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Not likely, you do not because your brain recognizes this as a luxury brand that you like and you in turn LIKE without even reading the messages sometimes. But guess what you LIKE because it improves your content marketing image. It makes you an influential gateway for sourcing information and then your friends see what you like and select to like the same thing as well. Creating a chain of content marketing image influence and often not receiving the brand message.

This is what Facebook wants you to do and they can keep selling ads. However, the big problem is that the luxury brand message is not being received to motivate a call to action. Let’s keep it real, the only reason that marketers place ads is to drive a call to action such as more sales, traffic, downloads, enrollments, and so on… People often ask me why they receive tons of Facebook likes but no leading end results.

I am not saying stop using social media by no means… I am just saying start using social media with content marketing strategies. Good content marketing engagement is the solution to most luxury brand problems but many don’t know it. Here are luxury best content marketing secrets for 2014 to start using today to jump start revenue fast.

Hire A Brand Ambassador For Luxury

The best way to drive any content marketing message is to consistently distribute promotions for the luxury brand! Teaming with influential luxury media sources and luxury promotions platforms. Engage through luxury promotions content marketing, video content marketing, press releases, apps, images, mobile, etc.

Generate Organic Influence

This year organic influence should take top precedence. Develop a strategic plan and approach to deliver content marketing campaigns. Research for key words that best target desired audiences. Design campaigns with optimized headlines. Consistently produce good organic content marketing to build brand awareness.

Promote Content Branding

Implement content marketing that promotes the luxury brand purpose and message. Promote content branding with exclusive memberships, offers, invitations, etc. Constantly promote content branding opportunities that make high end consumers feel superior.

Build Content Credibility

Be everywhere! Content marketing is the location pathway to connect with ultra wealthy consumers. Crossover content marketing is HOT…. Stay well informed to build content credibility by creating brand awareness for luxury diversity and lifestyle.

Miley Cyrus Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign Luxury Content Marketing MosnarCommunicationsMiley Cyrus Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign, Photo credit Marc Jacobs

Stay Content Consistent

Persistent content marketing promotions is what drives luxury consumer demand. Never stop generating and producing quality content consistent exposure. Tell the story of your luxury brand through series of new discovery. Create intimacy demand for luxury brand content marketing to want more never ending.

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