In 2012 the luxury industry is going to be bigger than big. We saw a tremendous comeback in 2011 and now that luxury consumers are not shy about spending again things will pick up even more. For luxury PR and marketing there will be some major changes in 2012 and I want to give you a play by play.

What’s Hot

1. Mobile Marketing

In 2012 mobile marketing will be in big demand for luxury PR and marketing. Things you want to start doing now should be to make sure that your site is available for mobile viewing. While you may have a great site for Internet viewing you want to make sure that it can be seen just as beautiful on a mobile devices such as Iphones, Ipads, tablets, and so on.

Additionally, along with mobile marketing the ability to communicate via text messaging will be hot in 2012. It will be very important that you have a contact box for visitors to supply mobile contact information. This will allow you to send updates via text messaging. Which is vastly replacing email.

The hottest luxury PR and marketing tools for 2012 are Apps.

2. Apps

Apps known as Applications another word for software. You want to develop luxury apps that will work to assist your target audience to learn more about your luxury products, services, and goods.

Using Apps you present a luxury PR and marketing environment for interactive engagement.

What’s Out

Out = Social Media Sales Promotions!

No, I did not say stop using Twitter and Facebook please don‘t do that. However, I did say stop with the promotions. You have to engage your friends and followers in social media. Luxury is exclusive and this requires you to get social with your audience.

Promotions must be engaging and not a sales pitch. So what’s out is social media  sales promotions. What’s In is social media engagement promotions.


Now On To New Year In

3. Infographics

What’s new for 2012 is Infographics!

Also known as information graphics which presents visual representation of information, data, or knowledge in a picture.  The search engines are now indexing info graphics and for 2012 this will be the new luxury PR and marketing tool that you want to incorporate.

The possibilities for Infographics in the luxury industry are limitless. You have the ability to use high resolution lifestyle images and also educate and inform the consumer for desired influence.

Wishing you the most successful New Year in 2012.

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