Luxury is a perception and luxury lifestyle is a way of life. What an individual drives often represents their status of wealth. A luxury car is the ultimate symbol of wealth?

Because of the economic downtime many wealthy people are putting off buying luxury cars. Luxury consumers are becoming open to leasing luxury to represent lifestyle. Is this business model a solution to jumpstart the luxury market?

The luxury PR problem with this is that luxury is a perception and the perception may be misrepresented. Leased luxury lifestyle must be promoted as an enhancement to quality of life. Value to experience luxury must be received from leasing high-end luxury and ideally create a rush to buy in the future.

A supercar club in Dubai called Scuderia 250 is seeking to attract luxury consumers with the value of leasing luxury. According to their website this is what they offer:

“Scuderia 250 offers it’s members the ultimate way to drive an unrivalled collection of the world’s best supercars without the drawbacks and costs of ownership. In return for an annual membership fee, members can concentrate on the sheer pleasure and excitement of driving the cars and allow the Club to take care of servicing, maintenance, insurance, storage and depreciation.

Scuderia 250’s current collection is made up of the most sought after exotica from around the world including Aston Martin, Backdraft Cobra, Bentley, Ferrari, K1-Roadster, Lamborghini and Porsche.”

As this trend grows I think that we can expect to see more luxury cars being promoted in this manner. While Scuderia 250’s focus is on not worrying about costs of ownership and maintenance. It presents an opportunity for luxury consumers to drive a different luxury car! A solution to continue with a luxury lifestyle and experience which luxury cars would be nice to own in the future.

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