Buzz Action is the latest trend being followed by luxury PR firms to alert attention from luxury consumers and luxury media outlets. Luxury PR influencer value is the new influence element in public relations. When luxury brands and luxury PR representatives use Buzz Action they can alert attention much faster.

This easy digital marketing method can create millions of dollars in not paid for publicity and drive revenue earnings all the way up!

If you searching for a quick fix solution to alert attention and create a demand for a luxury brand offer this is how it’s done.

Buzz Action



Insider Influence – The insider factor goes deeper to alert attention. This strategy focus the luxury digital marketing experience on a luxury PR influencer call to action for inventing demand envy. It actually takes the luxury shopper and luxury media “inside” behind the scenes. A digital marketing strategy where “theory guides research” for what the luxury brand wants to deliver to their desired target audience. 

It’s not intended for the masses, an exclusive insider influence control method.

INSIDE FENDI’S BREATHTAKING COUTURE SHOW AT ROME’S TREVI FOUNTAIN Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and more stun while walking on on water—literally.


Fendi Legends and Fairy Tales : LIVE 360 Fashion Show at the Trevi Fountain

Harper’s Bazaar reminds us just how powerful insider influence control really is and they do it literally in their Buzz Action that alerts attention.

“For its 90th anniversary, Fendi staged one of its most breathtaking shows ever—a clear plexiglass runway stretched across Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain. The couture collection’s theme was fittingly ‘Legends and Fairytales,’ as models walked on water–literally—across the backdrop of the famous fountains and pools from the 1960 film, La Dolce Vita. This marked the first-ever fashion show to take place at the Italian landmark.”

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Listicle Magic – A power inclusion amassed of extraordinary wonderful things that “target interest” attract luxury shoppers. Listicle Magic directs as a how-to do something with a certain number of options. Prompting a desire to own the entire list, creating a buyout demand for “sold out” luxury goods.

25 Looks That Make Us Want To Wear Head-To-Toe Pink …Pink, glorious pink


Elle UK attracts pink lovers with their inspiration of innovative pink content ideas.

“From Lady Gaga and Rihanna to the fashion month show-goers, head-to-toe pink is trending – and it’s set to continue through to next spring/summer too.”

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Alluring Reviews – A digital marketing science psychology, the alluring review creates such an innovative fascination demand to want one!  

Luxury PR firms have to be careful not to over do it with fluff. Alluring Reviews must be authentic and realistic to create credibility for the Buzz Action to alert attention.

Luxury Automakers Bentley and Maserati Are About to Upend the SUV Market


ABC News managed to create a Buzz Action to alert attention for Bentley and Maserati to make everyone want not one but two luxury offers at the same time.

Bentley Bentayga Launch Film – The Landing

“On the highway, the Bentayga was at ease at 80 mph and could have easily punched 100 mph if I had not been worried about police lurking around the next bend. The SUV effortlessly adapted to each terrain and obstacle; Bentley built the Bentayga with modes specific to snow, sand, grass and trails. I was hesitant to fully gauge the Bentayga’s power, but even with a slight touch on the gas pedal, it sprang to life. I sensed that it was eager to prove itself, but at no point did I relinquish control, and the Bentayga obediently followed my orders.”

Maserati Levante Shooting – Behind the scene


“I readily admit that I never imagined myself driving an SUV. But after spending time in both the Bentayga and Levante, I am an SUV convert.” 

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How Solving – This is the easiest and fastest solution to alert attention. If you can explain how-to solve a luxury consumer problem with a “luxury offer” solution, this smart approach will not only alert but attract as well. Bringing luxury shoppers to your digital marketing doorsteps.

At MC we created a digital marketing campaign for “How-to Become A Luxury Blogger” to help luxury businesses solve a problem. For “How Solving” to be a win-win always include your luxury offer that luxury consumers can purchase on the spot. 


“There are so many options for making money online as a luxury blogger. Here is where you should start.”

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