Shanghai, Hangzhou is the luxury travel top destination for International jetsetters. Located just 100 miles from Shanghai, Hangzhou is a lavish and convenient destination for international jetsetters. The city is home to 23+ five star properties, including the sophisticated JW Marriott Hangzhou, where the U.S. delegation stayed during the summit. Global hospitality brands such as Sheraton, Shangri-La, Hyatt, Wyndham, Starwood and Four Seasons pepper Hangzhou’s skyline, offering unique services and experiences exclusive to the city. Offerings range from row boat hotel arrival to cloistered board rooms to top rated restaurants.

Even President Obama, along with representatives from the world’s most influential government bodies and central banks, convened in Hangzhou at its futuristic Olympic Sports and International Expo Center Complex for the annual G20 summit. The event has further aided in the rise of this ancient Chinese city, as it has transitioned from homeland treasure to global destination. The experience provided guests with a chance to explore all that the city has to offer, from its enchanting natural beauty – including picturesque tea fields and lake-front sanctuaries – to its bourgeoning business districts. Furthermore, additional investment in advance of the G20 solidified the city’s strength as a top destination for luxury excursions, fit to host dignitaries, the business elite and the travelers seeking rich amenities.

Shanghai, Hangzhou


Hangzhou’s impressive repertoire of luxury hotel properties continues to blossom with several more expected to launch in the coming year, including the Park Hyatt Hangzhou and the Fairmont Hangzhou. The hotel boom further diversifies the welcoming comforts as well as business necessities available in the city, comprised of palatial meeting spaces, world-class dining and exclusive accommodations.

The city’s undeniable appeal has a strong effect on many who experience the destination, as many of Hangzhou’s visitors have begun acquiring residences in the city. Replete with global businesses like Alibaba and history that is key to Chinese history throughout the centuries, Hangzhou has emerged as an ideal purchasing choice for a growing number of buyers. They offer both the On Sunday, September 18, just weeks after the G20 summit, 5,105 homes were sold in its downtown area, totaling more than a billion dollars in sales – a record for the city, according to the Hangzhou’s housing authority.


Matching the city’s dazzling properties, Hangzhou features opulent experiences that can mesmerize even the most well-traveled individuals. President Obama, for example, was treated to a glittering one-time performance based on the city’s fabled Impressions West Lake show. Built a mere three centimeters below the lake’s surface, the stage showcased performers who appear to dance on the water. The show was directed by Zhang Yimou, mastermind of the inimitable opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and director of the upcoming film The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon. Besides the West Lake, Hangzhouprocesses another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Grand Canal. Ancient stone arch bridge, Gongchen Bridge and the intangible heritage handicraft experience bring you back to thousand years ago.

Hangzhou has long been a bastion for Chinese residents seeking an idyllic getaway. Now, the city’s heightened status as a business hub and second-to-none offerings for travelers seeking an elegant escape solidify its status as an essential destination for luxury travel.

Hangzhou Tourism Commission offers information for tourism experience available in Hangzhou. 

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