Would you love to know how-to become a luxury blogger? 

When blogging about luxury goods, products, and services your initial “setup and monetization strategies” will determine the level of success outcome. 

The value of an influencer inventing their  “digital creative space ecosystem” proves that being profitable as a blogger still can exist today. However, why blogging is a failure for the majority of businesses is because their setup and especially monetization action plan was originated wrong. Which often results in lack of luster to connect with their desired target audiences. 

To catch the eye of Pursuitist (masters of finer things in life) and be selected on their influential list among “Best Luxury Blogs” is what we accomplished for MosnarCommunications.com! 

While this list was created by Pursuitist back in 2011, it is still the most credible list for identifying influential luxury blogs and websites handpicked by the editors from Pursuitist. Even today the list for “Best Luxury Blogs” is holding the number one spot in Google on this search topic. 

News about the list went viral, which is still syndicated on Business Insider also now. Today, every headliner that mentions “best luxury blogs” often selects the Pursuitist’s list. As most of the websites selected are presently thriving strong.

How-to Become A Luxury Blogger 


I always tell people never think of yourself as just a blogger, define yourself as a “business brand” operating from your own digital publishing platform. Build a media publishing powerhouse! 

Whenever someone ask me “how do you make a living?” 

For one I never pause or even think before my reactions, quickly responding that “I work in publishing and media” beyond that it’s a bit complicated. Especially, taking into consideration the varies publishing platforms I maintain from digital websites to mobile apps.

Factor in my business partners, brand collaborations, our own products and services it can get very complicated to understand our business model.

I have successfully launched a total of three luxury blogs. All three having very different luxury niches and significant roles in the luxury marketplace.

MosnarCommunications.com was launched over ten years ago. It’s a purpose driven influencer marketing PR platform that caters to luxury brands. Through our own brand awareness credibility we have been successful at implementing a winning digital marketing strategy for building channel partner networks to increase influence value.

Mosnar Communications

MC is recognized as one of the most notable award winning luxury and digital marketing platforms through influencer marketing PR for luxury brands around the world. MosnarCommunications.com is syndicated by Guy Kawasaki’s luxury.alltop.com the leading source in Top Luxury News Aggregation. Also recognized by Pursuitist among the Best Luxury Blogs. Plus MosnarCommunications.com is now available on Apple News another syndication outlet. 

Mosnar Communications 2

TopAtlantaLuxury.com was launched in 2007 and the site is a specialty Atlanta luxury, Atlanta Georgia local expert guide. Presenting an innovative way to discover and explore the best of Atlanta’s luxury lifestyle living. More than just a website TopAtlantaLuxury.com is a destination dedicated to Atlanta luxury focusing on metro Atlanta, Georgia. Because Atlanta is the capital and largest city in the Southeast the expectations for luxury lifestyle living is set high.

Top Atlanta Luxury

One way we monetize TopAtlantaLuxury.com is by offering a full service online digital site to book over 340+ Atlanta, Georgia hotels same day with no reservations. Allowing our audience to find amazing savings and deals for the best hotel stays in metro Atlanta, Georgia. 

CharmPosh.com is the mastermind brainchild of our daughter who is only eleven. Very young she wanted her own  “luxury blog,” so we launched CP in 2008 and history was made! 

CP is very popular among trendy Millennials as parents as their top choice to learn about kids lifestyle health and wellness living. Our family travel vacation topics are a real big hit with Millennials, they love to take family vacations. Particularly, CP is also known around the world for our kids fashion selections. Now that Charm (our daughter’s name) is into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) we focus a great deal on kids tech and toys. 

For CharmPosh.com we also monetize to include a full service family travel zone for finding the best family vacation packages with over 100,000 hotels to book from. Offering families the best solutions to source amazing destinations worldwide and millions of verified guest reviews around the world. Millennials love to book hotel stays for New York on CharmPosh.com 

There are so many options for making money online as a luxury blogger. Here is where you should start.

Be A Digital Influencer  

As a luxury blogger you should think of yourself as a “digital influencer” inventing a creative space platform to connect with affluent niche audiences.

Define A Luxury Niche 

Determine what your luxury niche focus will be, are you promoting a luxury product or service?

Is this your creative space to talk about a niche luxury subject matter?

Example: “This is a luxury car blog,” “I am a luxury makeup artist” or “Luxury blog for XWY company”, etc. 

Select A Luxury Blogger Platform

The top tier platform for a luxury blog is WordPress! We have partnered with our friends Bluehost (our sponsor for this content) to offer an incredible luxury blogger package to make setup easy and simple.

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Once inside the Bluehost special offer select “Get Started Now”

We strongly recommend select “Plus” package and it is also the most popular too!

You will then be able to obtain a complimentary domain name at no charge for your luxury blog,  as well as many other additional benefits like one click WordPress installation setup.    

No extra technology setup will be required making it easy to get your luxury blog up and running in just minutes with superior hosting.

Monetize For Revenue 

Determine what offers you will promote on your luxury blog. This is how you will monetize for your luxury blog to become profitable and sustainable.

Do you sell luxury goods, products, or services? Create an offers or services page on your luxury blog!

Happy blogging, may you make a billion bucks!!


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The upcoming next “how-to become a luxury blogger” series topic will cover tips to “promote a luxury blog” so stay tuned… 

To your success, 

MosnarCommunications.com Team 

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