The hottest demand for Chinese luxury consumers is getting access to smart toilet lids. It seems when you have tons of money a smart toilet lid is a must have. Which is why Chinese tourists are flocking to Japan to buy high-tech smart toilet lids….. Well, the problem is that Chinese tourists are not happy that these in-demand smart toilet lids are made in “China” …. What?

Luxury Smart Toilet Lids COCO bidet Toto Intelligence Toilet II

photo credit COCO bidet Toto Intelligence Toilet II

These are not just any toilet lids, they come with built-in bidets, heat and other functions. A weaker yen has boosted Chinese spending in Japan and recently a lot of that money is going to Japanese appliances like toilet lids as well as rice cookers, believed by many mainland shoppers to be superior in function and design than Chinese-made versions. Chinese visitors spent an estimated 6 billion yuan ($956 million) in Japan over the Chinese New Year holiday last month, also known as Spring Festival.

Luxury Smart Toilet Lids

Luxury Smart Toilet Lids Toto Neorest SE LE

photo credit Toto Neorest SE & LE

One of these visitors, a man from Hangzhou with the surname Wang, posted on Weibo that he was surprised to discover that Panasonic toilet lids on sale in Osaka were made near his hometown, in Hangzhou’s manufacturing district of Xiasha. He told Sina News, “I can’t believe I came this far to buy something manufactured on my doorstep. Doesn’t that just make me a porter?”

Well, that is a good question….

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