Luxury Travel agents have long offered ultra luxury services. They handle answering the phones after midnight and securely booking the last flight for their loyal demanding clients. 

The true luxury traveler is not a DIY shopper wanting to nab the very best bargain deals. When it comes to online travel agencies Expedia and Travelocity appeal to the constantly busy do it yourself culture. Where satisfaction is found in travel discount shopping hunting prices on TripAdvisor, CruiseCritic and 

My Luxury Travel Agent


Do luxury travelers not trust the reviews and opinions from online travel agency sources. That’s exactly correct and why the shift trend to hire luxury travel agents is on the upswing.

Forbes explains how Top Travel Agents Reveal What’s Hot In Luxury Travel For 2017. Whether its politics, long lines or trying to return something you bought on the Internet, some days it seems like we live in a world channeled by fictional network news anchor Howard Beale of those famous words, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” As airlines, online travel agencies, and hotel groups have merged causing IT meltdowns, delays, lapses in services, confusion in benefits and stingier loyalty programs, more consumers are turning to humans to help them plan their travel despite advertising pleas by travel suppliers to “book direct.” You’ve seen the ads I’m sure.

With concerns for where to go and stay, luxury travel agents are offering superior personalized solutions. As safety for luxury travel is the biggest concern and those with ultra wealth need a dependable luxury lifestyle expert. 

Bloomberg takes us inside the power of tech for luxury travel, Technology Made Travel Agents Obsolete. Now It’s Saving Them.

For instance Marchay is an exclusive community of high end business travelers who have come together with the singular purpose of enriching their work travel lives.

Karl Backlund, founder of Marchay

Where Lola is a mobile app all about efficiency and ease of use. The app is designed for solo travelers and procrastinators. Lola lets users text their travel needs to specialists, who do the research and present a handful of options—all via an in-app messaging system.

Created by Kayak cofounder, Lola is the next generation in travel and hotel booking apps.

Lola is a personal travel service for hotels, flights and other travel needs. The app instantly connects you to a team of travel agents available 24/7. They focus on learning how their travelers like to travel to find the hotels and flights that are just right.

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