Luxury brands often seek to partner with luxury social media influencers. The biggest problem is that a great majority of these luxury social media influencers are actually “imposter influencers” big fakes with little influential power. 

This theory of luxury marketing is often done without deep research value and the ROI is essentially damaged as a result. Not to mention the level of consumer distrust the luxury brand suffers when teaming with imposter influencers without organic followers. 

Consider the problem of imposter influencers on social media and how to identify them. 

The Kardashian Jenner clan certainly would be considered the most influential social media family on the planet by far. 

Kim Kardashian West leads with an audience of 89.6 million followers on Instagram and 49.3 million followers on Twitter, the reality TV star and businesswoman makes an estimated $300,000 per sponsored post, according to estimates from social media management platform Captiv8. She previously made at an average of one a week, the company said, promoting brands like SugarBearHair vitamins and Waist Gang Society on her accounts…

Spot Real Luxury Social Media Influencers

So how do you spot a real luxury social media influencer from a fake imposter?

First, you must understand the “rules of luxury” which is not for the masses. It should not be a numbers game or even attraction targeting mass following. 

This could also explain why luxury brands who team with “social media influencers” are often displeased with the outcome campaign results. Having massive followers is not considered luxury lifestyle. The art of luxury lifestyle influence would require niche targeting and content curation over time. Where the influencer becomes authentic and attracts an organic following with like interests. 

Second, get educated on the top social media trends to become and stay well informed!

Are you practicing The Top Social Media Trends for 2017 – The Influencers’ View ? 

Third, luxury brands will need to depend on quality luxury digital content sources. This is why digital will be the sourcing factor for revenue growth now and beyond. 

Which will also require luxury social media influencers to curate credible luxury digital content. 

This means luxury digital platforms such as ,, and will guide what’s influential among quality luxury digital content.

The biggest reason most luxury brands hire a luxury social media influencer would be to drive increase in revenue. They hope that the influencer will create enough influential value in social media to make consumers want to purchase luxury goods and services.

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