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Grow rich by thinking and acting like wealthy people do first. This is in a sense exactly what Master Money Magazine a digital magazine app exclusive to Apple’s App Store provides for Millennials particularly targeting the financial services industry. A monthly guide for what’s relevant when it comes to winning at mastering financial stability creating wealth to a billionaire status.

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Seemingly there is now a growing demand to tap into the elite world of Millennials jet-setting the global financial world. Credit Suisse is targeting the already successful wealthy Millennial with their not yet launched Eleven, which is believed to be in the early exploratory stage and might never come to fruition, revealed by Ad Age. But yet still hinting at the necessary demand toward the focus on the financial services industry aiming to attract a new generation of private wealth clients. It is further projected that Eleven will be the similar to Facebook social network account for super rich Millennials, we shall see.

Emerging Wealthy Millennials

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If that is the case Master Money Magazine already holds the top head start lead for targeting private wealth clients with a strong direct landmark into this desired marketplace. The digital magazine app provides the ultimate two resources that Millennials building wealth desire most such as their experiences and exclusivity for privacy. App users who have the Master Money Magazine digital app installed can receive text messages to learn about many benefiting financial life enhancements. A lifestyle feature included is that Master Money Magazine digital app also comes with a built in complimentary “goal setter” to aim toward future wealth building. Presenting a trailblazer digital magazine app network for personal finance and business tips. Providing superior solutions to manage money and build wealth in today’s fast paced society. A variety of success tips for how-to maintain personal finances, build wealth, generate income, business, budgeting, savings, and more.

Destiny Spann-Burton

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Master Money Magazine digital app is a top chart ranking application on Apple’s App Store and is the mastermind creation of Destiny Spann-Burton with Uply Media, Inc as the publisher and developer. Spann-Burton is a graduate of the University of Southern California she also is an actress, known for The Scam (2012) and The Off Beats(2012).

Master Money Magazine offers a variety of promotional opportunities through in-app branded content advertising, text message promotions, sponsorship and more. For more information please contact ann@mosnarcommunications.com reference: Master Money Promotions.  

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