Luxury brands meet Charlotte, the new secret best buyer of luxury goods. Do you understand how-to target Charlotte? After launching countless marketing strategies and luxury branding campaigns…Not to mention wasting  enormous funds on social media promotions and paid fashion blogger social media endorsements…Only to find out these efforts are still not converting into selling more luxury goods, products, and services effortlessly…

So why is Charlotte the solution and why is the new Charlotte the perfect target audience for selling luxury goods? By reviewing social media campaigns and online advertising it tells many factors for what’s wrong with luxury branding and promotions.

The biggest problem is that luxury brands are aiming toward the world’s most successful women and profiling their luxury branding campaigns in this direction. Offering luxury goods, products, and services for a mass consumer audience…The new Charlotte is professionally driven oppose to career focused. Her Happiness and fulfillment is identified in her individual lifestyle choices and new Charlotte for the first time defines a luxury buyer that reaches in the masses…I know luxury is not intended to be ever for the masses… However, with the world’s most beloved luxury brand “LVMH” signing on an former Apple’s exec as their “new chief digital officer” …. This marketing strategy for luxury branding could suggest that luxury brands are seeking to capture the rise in online digital sales…The luxury industry might become less exclusive and start targeting the masses through online luxury.

Meet The New Charlotte

For this courage the new Charlotte is now the new luxury buyer that could just save the entire luxury industry.

Now that the new Charlotte has formally been introduced, allow me to show you how-to target her massive counterparts.

#1. New Charlotte Is Late 30-Something Professional Female

The new Charlotte is the professional business woman in her late 30s enjoying life.

#2. Just Switched Over To Aston Martin State of Mind

She drives and thinks like an Aston Martin DBX in a sense.

Aston Martin DBX 2 MosnarCommunications

#3. A Very Posh V.I.P Savings Shopper

Addicted to luxury consignment and obsession with The Real Real deals.

#4. Addicted To Professional Wealthy Social Networks

Prefers social networking professional community sites and active member of … for regular business networking.

#5. Highly Influenced By Niche Online Luxury  Websites

Influenced to make luxury purchases by top luxury blogs and trust websites like

#6. Very Into Cougar Dating Apps

Into dating younger guys by seven to ten years, loves Cougar Dates Online App on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. As well as hanging out on a cougar dating social network

Cougar Dates Online App Empire

#7. Collector Of All Things Beautiful

Hence wanting to drive a beautiful Aston Martin DBX over her boring SUV…

Aston Martin DBX MosnarCommunications Luxury Car

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