My first encounter with Natalie Massenet founder of Net-A-Porter was not very inspirational to say the least. She might not even remember it…but I shall never forget. Their rejection and harsh words of wisdom inspired me to develop a luxury PR branding platform for targeting the luxury online shopper. Developing an influential luxury PR media outlet for luxury consumers as well as luxury professionals.
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Massenet founded Net-a-Porter in 2000 in London that started out as a website as a magazine format intended for selling designer fashion. She got the idea from attempting to source products online for a fashion shoot. Incredible she launched the business from her flat in Chelsea and she raised all the £1.2m start-up costs herself with the help of her husband at the time. Starting from such a place of humble beginnings at times Massenet stacked up Net-a-Porter’s trademark black delivery boxes in her own bath.

Net-A-Porter MosnarCommunications

We had officially launched in February of 2006 starting to make a real mark in 2007 and the demand for creating luxury PR branding influential value especially for luxury online shopping engagement was very new. I wanted desperately at the time to be a Google News Source in this area and today have learned that building online influential equity from a direct website location is more credible for search traffic and targeting luxury audiences even over social media. However, at one point we were a Google News Source which we are not today. The best place to connect with us now is thorough the Google Play Story by downloading our new complimentary app MC Privy for luxury branding PR media strategies.

When we first launched I had reached out to the seasoned Net-a-Porter about forming a strategic alliance. A sharp tongue Natalie Massenet quickly informed me that our brands did not have the right “synergy” to be able to work together. She gave even more harsh reasons why but all that stuck out in my mind was my brand’s synergy was not a match for the fab Net-a-Porter…I was determined to fix that fast and in a hurry.

Luxury Online Shopping

Over the years we focused on finding synergy attraction for luxury online shoppers.  A solution for defining “The New Charlotte Luxury Professional Women” who now rule the luxury industry. Thanks to a early brief encounter of rejection our goal was to find a solution to understand characteristics for the ultimate luxury online shoppers. Right now targeting the luxury professional woman is the primary solution to sell more luxury goods, products, and services.

Net-A-Porter Luxury Online Shopping MosnarCommunications

Proudly, I think we found our synergy! Thanks to Massenet direction for letting us know what was all very wrong. today is a luxury PR branding media consultant to luxury brands and luxury professionals including luxury PR firms and more.

MC is a leader in public relations for luxury media, an exclusive database platform with over 150,000 luxury consumers and luxury professionals.  No other platform or website is ranked higher than MC for organic (not paid) keyword search for “luxury PR media” on GoogleYahooBing, and other major search engines. MC is widely respected by luxury professionals and luxury consumers around the world. Building an content equity platform for luxury goods engagement to connect with affluent individuals when it comes to luxury lifestyle interactions.

MC is syndicated by the leading source in Top Luxury News. Also recognized by Pursuitist among the Best Luxury Blogs.

Natalie Massenet the pioneer for luxury online shopping recently announced that she is departing from Net-A-Porter, her website she founded 15 years ago that was sold to Richemont in 2010 for a figure estimated at £50m at the time. Massenet was set to play a major role in the company with the merger of Net-A-Porter and Yoox  creating the world’s largest online luxury retailer with annual combined turnover of close to £1bn total.

MC is available to offer luxury PR branding media consulting. For more information please contact us in confidence to Ann Lane via or call (404) 806-0548 .

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