We are super excited to finally announce something that will change the way luxury PR media is going to be delivered to the world. Last year our focus at MosnarCommunications.com was to build the best luxury PR media platform that would inform and educate high net worth consumers about top luxury brands around the world. Setting out with a purpose to be the lead source where luxury consumers and luxury professionals learn invaluable resources for luxury goods, products, and services.

MosnarCommunications.com Launches

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In order to achieve our task it would also mean reviewing how our luxury platform serves a purpose and our mission for superiority when it comes to luxury PR media exposure. Building influential credibility crafted from our original online platform started in 2006, targeted toward luxury consumers and luxury professionals to go, learn, see, and act.

According to Nielsen today over 90% of time spent on mobile devices are now inside apps. MC MosnarCommunications.com app connects our online content to our app inside Apple’s App Store. Which, Apple remains the leader in attracting luxury mindset inside mobile marketing engagement.

Advertising Publisher

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For luxury brands there still remains a major problem because most content is still online and over 90% of consumer engagement for mobile devices is being spent inside the use of apps. As an advertising publisher on MosnarCommunications.com our online content is also included in our popular app on the App Store.

Advertising publisher inclusion on MosnarCommunications.com is syndicated on All Top Luxury and Toovia. Appearing in Apple News full content contributor plus inside our MC app on App Store !

Have a luxury related press release or story idea? Need publicity exposure for luxury brand management?

Increase brand awareness for luxury goods, products, and services  by promoting luxury news on MosnarCommunications.com – an extensive inclusion of featured branded content. As a leader in luxury PR media for luxury brand business we offer a platform for high-end engagement to target, reach, attract, and influence high net worth consumers. Creating a solution to promote and sell more luxury goods faster.

For just a flat rate fee of $250 (U.S. Dollars) receive a total of up to 2 luxury press releases featured on MosnarCommunications.com a month, to get started today or learn more about our advertising publisher services please contact ann@mosnarcommunications.com or call (404) 806-0548 .

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