Whenever I talk to luxury brands, the very first thing they express to me is that they want to generate more revenue. Typically, by the time brands seek professional help it’s practically a do or die and sink or sail situation. If only they would work with an professional on luxury public relations and marketing in the beginning they could avoid lots of unwanted stress or failure.


Like most business owners your wish list is likely to attract more clients and increase revenue. What if I told you that it’s easy to do just that and much easier especially if you sell  luxury goods, products, and services. In fact you could even start developing better client relationships, retain longer client relationships, and get tons of referrals. You could achieve all of this using a simple marketing tool many businesses ditched for social media.

If you focus more on social media engagement than building your own database network this is why you can’t generate leads and increase revenue earnings.

The most effective marketing tool every business can use is “email” networking. Having an email database of contacts is a marketing goldmine. Building your own database of email contacts puts you in control to promote to clients regularly. This allows you to gain their trust for expertise on luxury goods, products, and services.

How-to send out emails to affluent clients? Well, understand first they are busy people always on the go so you must be innovative and can’t waste their time. This will land your emails and your expertise in the junk files or worst a request to remove….

Lets say you own a luxury retail store and you are also smart enough to offer those goods online. Here is an email I would send along with a combination of a variety of other new luxury designer trends. Including amazing pictures….

Blake Lively In LBD – Amazing Looks For YOU

Ninth Annual Women Of Worth Awards
Well, inside my email I will highlight how stunning Blake Lively looked rocking a baby bump in her LBD… My goal would be to catch their attention and get them to open up my email by sparking an conversation first. The next approach would be to present of course, LBD little black dresses I had available that would make them look stunning as well… Not wasting anytime I would also reveal additional designer trends and introduce similar goods that may be purchased from my store or right now using my online purchase options.

Recommendation tips:

1. Pop up email boxes invites are too aggressive. Generally, when people sign up through pop up email boxes they do so a lot. This means that your email messages will be competing with hundreds of other messages received in their email boxes going unread. Try a different approach and use a more calming method to join your email list. Place an invite on your website offering an invitation to join the email list. Be sure to let your email members know that their email information will not be shared and how their privacy will be protected.

2. Only send out an email message every 7 to 14 days. I know you may feel the need to send tons of promotions by email thinking this will generate leads and revenue faster.

When you sell luxury goods and services the level of engagement must be high quality communications. For example, a luxury realtor takes the time to prepare a look book of new properties every 7 to 14 days to send via email. However, when an hot high end property comes available the luxury realtor sends a text message via an app to the client.

If you would like assistance with setting up an email marketing campaign to build a database or app design for a luxury product or service please contact MosnarCommunications.com in confidence. Send email inquiry to ann@mosnarcommunications.com or  call (404) 416-6009.

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